The GPWA Reaffirms BIPOC Support

The Green Party of Washington State (GPWA) supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) peaceful protests in Washington State and calls on Washington state and local governments to meet BLM demands to defund Washington police by 50% and reinvest those funds in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Additionally, the GPWA calls for:

  • Defunding the military and reinvesting military funds in BIPOC communities.

  • Community control of the police in every region of the state.

  • Restoring voter rights to incarcerated felons in Washington.

  • Releasing non-violent criminals held in Washington to improve their survival chances during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Expanding marijuana conviction clemency. Pardons and vacated criminal history should be granted for Washington state marijuana possession convictions before 2012 regardless of prior or other criminal record.

  • Implementing all functions of the Initiative-940 De-escalate Washington.

GPWA Coordinating Council member, Margaret Elizabeth cautioned, “It’s not the place of the GPWA to define how BLM and BIPOC communities should orchestrate their own liberation.” They called for the GPWA to offer unconditional support as allies of BLM.

GPWA member, C.J. Sellers of East King County replied, “Using the word ‘peaceful protests’ doesn’t tell BLM or BIPOC what to do, it only defines what we can advocate for. Peaceful means have always been part of the GPUS Ten Key Values. As a state party of the GPUS, we’re obligated to abide by our affiliate agreement with the GPUS. And besides, not all actions of ‘allies’ that show up at these protests are sanctioned by BLM leadership and are often a distraction from the purpose of the events.”

The GPWA also opposes the actions of the city council of Selah, Washington whereby they have criminalized chalk drawings on public property for the sole purpose of silencing community support for BLM.

Richard Redick, a member of the GPWA chapter of Mid-Columbia, Washington wrote, “Together is the best way forward. That two or more sides in a conversation have differing points of view – even very apparent disagreement – should not be surprising. After all, the word ‘converse’ – a word indicating a reversed order – is in the word ‘conversation.’ Many times, the parties to a conversation share the same values, but they may prioritize differently. It is through conversation that we truly learn there is more to unite us than to divide us.” He added that had Green Party planks been employed as policies these past many years, the conversation that needs to happen in Selah and communities throughout our nation would already be much further along. “We would have moved past ‘us vs them,’ and we would be embracing one big ‘us,’” said Redick. “Please, residents of Selah, and citizens across the nation, listen to Dr. Stein’s speech, below. Draw inspiration from her words, and may your communities and people be blessed.”

Howie Hawkins for President 2020

Washington State Campaign for Howie Hawkins for President 2020

This election season, I’ve been busy organizing in Washington state for Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker (H’20) for Green Party president & vice-presidential candidates. If they get 5% of the vote in Washington, the Green Party of Washington will gain major party status and have hope of uniting the Left. We won’t have to waste half of another campaign season gathering signatures just to get a candidate on the ballot so we can vote for them. Contact me to get involved or get more information about any events. Also, to coordinate and organize an H’20 event in your area of Washington.

Ongoing Hawkins & Walker campaign activities:

  • We need Greens and allies writing to newspapers (letters-to-the-editor, opinions, etc.) about why we vote Green Party and why we support our candidates. Please let us know what you get into print or if you need help!
  • We want to see Greens and allies signing up for interviews, endorsing Howie & Angela on podcasts, TV, or radio. If you get a feature, please send us a copy or link and let us know!
  • From your phone, in your home, Greens and allies can be recording video testimonials to be posted on our youtube channel about why we vote Green Party and why these candidates matter to us. Please send to C.J. to upload.
  • Don’t wait for our phone-banking parties — contact us to get your list of Washington voters to call or text and touch base with about the Green Party of Washington and our ecosocialist candidates.

August WA Hawkins & Walker Events:

  • Thursday, August 27th, 7-8 p.m. STATEWIDE PHONE-BANKING PARTY — this is our first Hawkins/Walker Phone-banking Party on Jitsi video meetup. Sign up to get instructions and the link to join us. Facebook event:
  • Sunday, August 31st, 3-4:30 p.m. SEATTLE-AREA SIGN-MAKING PICNIC — sign-making gathering in preparation for the August 31st sign wave over the I-5 Olive Way Overpass. Facebook event:
  • Monday, August 31st from 4-6 p.m. THE BIG SIGN-WAVE — this will take place during rush hour over the I-5 Olive Way Overpass in Seattle. Snacks and drinks provided. It’s going to be fabulous! Please bring a home-made sign featuring an issue on Howie’s platform with large letters, readable from a distance. If you can’t, we’ll have extra signs. Address for the sign wave is: 1101-1251 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122 and GPS coordinates are: 47.616236, -122.328954. Facebook event:

September WA Hawkins & Walker Events:

  • Thursday, September 3rd, 7-8 p.m. STATEWIDE PHONE-BANKING PARTY — this is our second Hawkins/Walker Phone-banking Party on Jitsi video meetup. Sign up to get instructions and the link to join us. Facebook event:
  • The Big Olympia Sign Wave (date, location, and time to be announced)
  • Whatcom County Honk for Howie (date, location, and time to be announced)
  • Thursday, September 10th, 7-8 p.m. STATEWIDE PHONE-BANKING PARTY — this is our third Hawkins/Walker Phone-banking Party on Jitsi video meetup. Sign up to get instructions and the link to join us. Facebook event:
  • Thursday, September 17th, 7-8 p.m. STATEWIDE PHONE-BANKING PARTY — this is our fourth Hawkins/Walker Phone-banking Party on Jitsi video meetup. Sign up to get instructions and the link to join us. Facebook event:
  • Sunday, September 20th, noon to 2 p.m., Ocean Shores Beach Sign Wave — Snacks and drinks provided. Lots of Trumpers will be there with Trump signs. We’ll really stand out. It’s going to be fun!  Facebook event:
  • Monday, September 21st, International Day of Peace, Ocean Shores Traffic Sign Wave —  @Ocean Shores Gate. Facebook event:
  • Thursday, September 24th, 7-8 p.m. STATEWIDE PHONE-BANKING PARTY — this is our fifth Hawkins/Walker Phone-banking Party on Jitsi video meetup. Sign up to get instructions and the link to join us. Facebook event:

October WA Hawkins & Walker Events:

  • Thursday, October 1st, 7-8 p.m. STATEWIDE PHONE-BANKING PARTY — this is our sixth Hawkins/Walker Phone-banking Party on Jitsi video meetup. Sign up to get instructions and the link to join us. Facebook event:

How to get H’20 swag like yard signs, masks, buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.:

WAGP is currently voting on whether or not to buy into the campaign’s bulk order for H’20 yard signs. We might make our own, instead, if we can get more for our money that way. For now, you can buy an H’20 sign and more and fund the campaign directly through their online store:

Hawkins & Walker campaign 2020
WA volunteer coordinator
Duvall, WA
Contact me

Updates at

Bravery and tenacity to progress

See August and early September Hawkins/Walker Campaign Events below!

Dear Greens and allies,

There’s a lot of negative campaigning going on this election. These are troubled times. Nevertheless, we on the voting Left believe that voting is always about representing yourself with your vote, not voting the way the majority are currently motivated. History has a long record of a conscientious minority standing up for what’s right and challenging the status quo, against odds. We know our planet is in a desperate state, and ecosocialism is about making that the top issue. Our rights are eroded by both faces of the duopoly with each legislative session, and the duopoly parties are doing it.

Help us change the statewide conversation to what we want instead of what we fear. A conversation is not one-sided—we have to reach out and give people a chance to join the movement for people, planet and peace over profit. We at the Washington Green Party campaign for Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker have come up with events that respect your civic duty to social distance. We want everyone to be safe and healthy while we stand up for the country we want, both to live in and be proud of.



  • We need Greens and allies writing to newspapers (letters-to-the-editor, opinions, etc.) about why we vote Green Party and why we support our candidates. Please let us know what you get into print or if you need help!
  • From your phone, in your home, Greens and allies can be recording video testimonials to be posted on our youtube channel about why we vote Green Party and why these candidates matter to us. Please send to C.J. to upload.

August Events:

  • Sunday, August 30th, 3-4:30 p.m. SEATTLE-AREA SIGN-MAKING EVENT & PICNIC
    — Meet up location is at the playground side of Green Lake Park, across from the library 7364 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115. This is a sign-making gathering in preparation for the August 31st sign wave over the I-5 Olive Way Overpass. Drinks and snacks, hand sanitizer, and extra masks provided.
  • Monday, August 31st from 4-6 p.m. THE BIG SIGN-WAVE — this will take place during rush hour over the I-5 Olive Way Overpass in Seattle. Snacks and drinks provided. It’s going to be fabulous! Please bring a home-made sign featuring an issue on Howie’s platform with large letters, readable from a distance. If you can’t, we’ll have extra signs. Address for the sign wave is: 1101-1251 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122 and GPS coordinates are: 47.616236, -122.328954.

Early September Events & TBA:

  • September events in locations around Washington State to be announced soon! Coordinate your own sign-waving and local events with C.J., and we will help you spread the word!

See you soon,

C.J. Sellers

WA H’20 volunteer coordinator —


Hawkins & Walker are endorsed by:

Supporting FairVote Washington

The Green Party of Washington (GPWA) reaffirmed ongoing support of FairVote Washington when our Coordinating Council unanimously agreed at our August meeting to make a financial donation.

Many Greens are active in FairVote in their local areas. GPWA Coordinating Council member, Stonewall Bird of Bellingham, is one of the FairVote Whatcom County chapter leads. He, Jody Grage of Seattle, and Charles Law of the Olympic Peninsula attended FairVote WA’s recent Legislative Town Hall Workshop, which focused on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). 

Charles Law also led the appeal to the GPWA to fund FairVote. “I believe there’s something we may have overlooked when it comes to RCV,” said Law to the Coordinating Council, “And that’s the negative campaign strategy used by many candidates at present. RCV takes the negativity out of campaigning because candidates need the widest appeal to get a higher rank among the ballot choices. In contrast, our current voting method of first-past-the-post encourages a dualistic attitude that pits people against each other, causing disharmony and bitterness when the winner takes all. However, when there are multiple choices in an election, candidates will seek more common ground with a voter’s first choice. This cooperation decreases our voter alienation from one another. A holistic worldview is the basis behind the Green Party Platform. Greens advocate for removing the wrongness in the world through Democracy, Social Justice, Ecology, and Peace.” Law encouraged the GPWA to donate, believing it is money well spent.

“We’re a small party but we’re consistent,” said east King County Green, C.J. Sellers, who has been pushing for Ranked Choice Voting since 2000, back when it was still being called ‘Instant Runoff Voting.’ “Voter rights and election process reforms have always been high priority in the Green Party, which makes sense if you read our platform. Without the viability of voters electing candidates who represent their opposing standpoint, you end up with a situation like what drove me out of the Democratic Party in 2006: both parties for war and hardly a voice in the house or senate challenging their bipartisan agenda of neverending warfare i.e. the War on Terror. Or, the majority of citizens wanting universal healthcare at the national level and both major parties saying it’s off the table. We also have a crisis of representation in the mainstream media because they seldom report much of what the two major parties aren’t willing to sanction or even debate, except to demean alternatives. This country needs to hear more diverse viewpoints, and we need the option to more accurately represent ourselves with our vote. These are not partisan propositions, they’re about voter rights, more options, and democratic freedom of representation. Fairvote WA does an excellent job of educating the public about the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation, in particular.” 

Sellers attended the recent FairVote WA workshop on Proportional Representation. “Not only will proportional representation give independent and minor party candidates more of a shot at representation in government by removing the fear of the ‘greater evil’ winning if we ‘split the vote,’ it also helps racial and religious minorities gain representation. Proportional Representation is very doable in Washington State. Washington has led the way with many progressive reforms that other states are still a long way from achieving, why can’t we improve voter freedom here? Proportional Representation may not be a sexy issue, but it’s a much-needed progressive reform and works best in combination with RCV. Voters may not know it yet, but we needed these reforms ages ago.”

Authors: C.J. Sellers & Charles Law

A pivotal moment in history

It’s people who step up at pivotal moments that change the direction of history.

The Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker H’20 campaign just gave Washington State Greens a big shout-out for turning in well over the requirement to get our grassroots-powered candidates on the ballot! Thanks to all the voters who pitched in to make this happen, from state and local GP leaders to volunteers to signers to live streamers… this was not easy during a pandemic, so extra kudos, praise, and thanks!

More choices allow better democracy for voters, and we have two amazing candidates for Prez and VP this time around! Check them out:

Let’s each of us who believe in a democratic process, in the health of this planet, in justice and doing the right thing, and in a New Green Deal for America — in every Washington town and county — let’s write letters-to-the-editor, opinions, talk to radio pundits and personalities, get on podcasts, you name it, even write to your representatives and demand a Green agenda!

We can’t let this pandemic or the duopoly hold us back. It’s just too important. Let’s go for 5% of the vote in 2020 in this safe state! 5% won’t help Trump win here, and it WILL award the Green Party of Washington State official recognition. If we achieve 5% of the vote statewide, we won’t have to waste time (or risk contagion) gathering signatures to get our candidates on the ballot next time around. That’s how we’ll start to gain a foothold and build Green representation in local and state offices where we’re needed most.

C.J. Sellers, volunteer coordinator for the H’20 campaign in WA State

#VoteGreen2020 #VoteSocialist2020 #LeftGreenUnity2020 #EcosocialismWillWin

Greens Choose Hawkins/Walker in Landslide Victory

The Green Party of Washington State is excited to announce that on Saturday, July 11, Howie Hawkins and running mate Angela Walker were nominated by the Greens across the U.S. to be the party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominees.

Hawkins won with 59.15% of the vote at the Party’s national convention. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s convention was held online via Zoom webinar platform and included 358 delegates from 47 states and caucuses.

In acceptance speeches, Hawkins and Walker highlighted the nexus of climate change and social justice and the importance of enacting a real Green New Deal.

Hawkins expressed gratitude for all those who have supported their candidacy including the more than 4,000 contributors who helped the campaign to qualify two weeks ago for federal primary matching funds. He noted the immediate task is to ensure ballot access in every state. Washington is currently collecting petition signatures for ballot access to meet a July 25 deadline.

Hawkins also reiterated his support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) nationwide call to defund police. He emphasized the Green Party’s defense of people of color against U.S. imperialism, adding “Defunding police is not enough. We must defund the military.”

The Green Party of Washington State joins in solidarity with our presidential candidates, BLM, and people of color across the world in calling for an end to militarism, war, and occupation, and the human and ecosystem destruction that results.

Following workshops on amendments in the days preceding the convention, the Green Party delegates also voted to confirm the Party’s new national platform.

Among the convention highlights were speeches by Maine Green candidate for U.S. Senate Lisa Savage who is running a strong campaign for Republican Susan Collins seat and 2016 candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka and Party co-chair Dr. Margaret Flowers among many other leaders across the nation and even Australia.

Washington Greens are proud that one of our own, Margaret Elisabeth (Washington), was among those elected to a new national steering committee as co-chair. The other new co-chair is Tamar Yager (Virginia) with Anita Rios (Ohio) re-elected to a second term. Hillary Kane (Pennsylvania) was re-elected as treasurer. They join continuing co-chairs Gloria Mattera (New York), Kristin Combs (Pennsylvania), Tony Ndege (North Carolina), Trahern Crews (Minnesota), and Secretary David Gerry (Massachusetts).

Greens currently holding public office and Green candidates running for local, state, and federal office were also featured in a series of press conferences during the convention.

The Green Party of Washington State is making a call to registered voters who believe in Democracy to support its Nominating Petition for U.S. President / Vice President by signature in order to ensure everyone has a voice. The Party had requested a state reprieve from signature gathering during the pandemic but was regrettably denied, so volunteers are gathering signatures. Registered voters are asked to please visit to sign the petition for ballot access:

Videos and texts of many of the speeches and press conferences are available here:

Hawkins/Walker Campaign Website:

GPWA Officers, Delegates, and State Candidates Election Results

Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council Election

Total votes = 43

Seats to be filled = 5

Quota = 43/(5+1) = 7.17 = 8 votes (18.6%)

Round 1:

Alice Green– 8 (18.6%)

Charles Law – 6 (14.0%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 7 (16.3%)

Margaret Elisabeth – 4 (9.3%)

Noah Martin – 16 (37.2%)

Richard Redick – 2  (4.6%)

Noah Martin and Alice Green are elected. Noah Martin’s weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 2:

Charles Law – 8 (18.6%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 9 (20.9%)

Margaret Elisabeth – 5 (11.6%)

Richard Redick  – 4 (9.3%)

Herb Camet, Jr. and Charles Law are elected. Herb Camet, Jr’s weighted surplus votes reallocated. 

Round 3:

Margaret Elisabeth – 5.9 (13.7%)

Richard Redick – 4 (9.3%)

Richard Redick is eliminated.

Margaret Elisabeth is awarded the final seat.

Elected members of the coordinating council: Noah Martin, Alice Green, Herb Camet, Jr., Charles Law, and Margaret Elisabeth.

GPWA Treasurer Election

Total votes = 42

Scott Thompson – 42 votes (100%)

Scott Thompson is elected unanimously.

GPWA Deputy Treasurer Election

Total votes = 40

Lisa Canar – 40 votes (100%)

Lisa Canar is elected unanimously.

GPUS Delegates Election

Total votes = 42

Seats to be filled = 2

Quota = 43/(2+1) = 14.33 = 15 votes

Round 1:

Noah Martin – 26 (61.9%)

Kyle Taylor Lucas – 16 (38.1%)

Noah Martin and Kyle Taylor Lucas are elected GPUS Delegates.

GPUS Alternate Delegates Election

Total votes = 41

Seats to be filled = 2

Quota = 41/(2+1) = 13.67 = 14 votes (34.1%)

Round 1:

Colin Bartlett – 20 (48.8%)

Frank Lockwood – 6 (14.6%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 8 (19.5%)

Nina Manuel – 7 (17.1%)

Colin Bartlett is elected and weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 2:

Frank Lockwood – 7.5 (18.3%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 9.2 (22.4%)

Nina Manuel – 9.4 (22.9%)

Frank Lockwood is eliminated and his votes reallocated. One ballot exhausted.

Round 3:

Herb Camet, Jr. – 12.4 (30.2%)

Nina Manuel -12.7 (30.9%)

Herb Camet, Jr. is eliminated.

Colin Bartlett and Nina Manual are elected GPUS Alternate Delegates.

GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates Election

Total votes = 40

Seats to be filled = 10

Quota = 40/(10+1) = 3.64 = 4 votes

Round 1:

CJ Sellers – 4 (10%)

Colin Bartlett – 5 (12.5%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 6 (15%)

Jody Grage – 5 (12.5%)

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1 (2.5%)

Kyle Taylor Lucas – 5 (1.25%)

Lisa Canar – 4 (10%)

Nina Manuel – 7.5%)

Noah Martin – 4 (10%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1 (2.5%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5%)

Colin Bartlett, Herb Camet, Jr., Jody Grage, and Kyle Taylor Lucas are elected PNC Delegates.

CJ Sellers wins the tiebreaker against Lisa Canar and Noah Martin and is elected the final PNC Delegate.

Lisa Canar and Noah Martin are elected Alternate PNC Delegates.

Herb Camet, Jr’ weighted surplus votes are reallocated.

Round 2:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1.3 (3.3%)

Nina Manuel – 3.6 (9.2%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.3 (3.3%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5.0%)

CJ Sellers weighted surplus votes are allocated. 

Round 3:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1.9 (4.8%)

Nina Manuel – 3.9 (9.7%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.3 (3.3%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5.0%)

Kyle Taylor Lucas weighted surplus votes allocated.

Round 4:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1.9 (4.8%)

Nina Manuel – 4.3 (10.7%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.7 (4.3%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5.0%)

Nina Manuel is elected Alternate Delegate.

Jody Grage weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 5:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 2.3 (5.8%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.9 (4.8%)

Richard Redick – 2.4 (6.0%)

Colin Bartlett weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 6:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 2.6 (6.6%)

Phoenix Wendt – 2.1 (5.3%)

Richard Redick – 2.6 (6.5%)

Phoenix Wendt is eliminated.

GPUS Presidential Convention Delegates:

  1. Herb Camet, Jr.
  2. Kyle Taylor Lucas
  3. Jody Grage
  4. Colin Bartlett
  5. CJ Sellers

GPUS Presidential Convention Alternate Delegates:

  1. Noah Martin
  2. Lisa Canar
  3. Nina Manuel
  4. Jonathan Betz-Zall
  5. Richard Redick

Granting David Spring “Preferred” Status for Superintendent of Public Instruction (Nonpartisan position)

Total votes = 49

13 abstentions

75% quota required

0.75 x (49-13) = 27 votes needed

Yes – 24

No – 12

Abstain – 13

Does not pass.

Presidential Primary Election Results

Green Party of Washington – 2020 Election Results

The votes are in! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Total number of GPWA members voting = 67

Delegate Quota = 67 / (5+1) = 11.17 = 12 votes (17.9%)

Since Washington State has only 5 delegates to award, a candidate needs to receive at least 12 votes (17.9%) to be awarded one delegate.

Round 1 – Initial vote for presidential candidates:

Dario Hunter – 28 (41.8%)

Howie Hawkins – 27 (40.3%)

Jesse Ventura – 9 (13.4%)

Mark Charles – 1 (1.5%)

Vermin Supreme – 1 (1.5%)

Jill Stein – 1 (1.5%)

Round 2 – Mark Charles, Vermin Supreme, and Jill Stein are eliminated and their votes reallocated:

Dario Hunter – 30 (44.8%)

Howie Hawkins – 28 (41.8%)

Jesse Ventura – 9 (13.4%)

Round 3 – Jesse Ventura is eliminated and his votes reallocated [2 ballots exhausted]:

Dario Hunter = 36 (55.4%)

Howie Hawkins = 29 (44.6%)


The following table shows the final primary results:

Vote Percent
Delegate Count
Dario Hunter
3 Delegates
Howie Hawkins
2 Delegates


Green Party Ballot Access – 2020

Help us gather signatures to get our candidates for President and Vice President — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — on the General Election Ballot!

The Green Party of Washington State is holding an online ‘Nominating Convention’ to select electors and to nominate our candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. We are meeting daily from 7-8 PM, beginning on Thursday June 25, 2020 and continuing through Saturday July 25, 2020.

During our online meeting sessions we will select our Washington State electors and gather the required 1,000+ signatures from Washington voters to place our Green Party candidates for President and Vice President — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — on the November General Election ballot.

We need your help to gather signatures from registered voters in Washington State!

–> Download and print the Green Party Nominating Petition here

Print out this Nominating Petition on standard white paper, single sided. All signatures must be gathered and submitted on the original paper petition forms. We are not allowed to submit photocopies, scanned copies, faxed copies, or electronic copies of the petition forms. Signatures must be provided with pen on paper. Digital or digitized signatures will not be accepted.

Full names, signatures, and mailing addresses must match the Secretary of State voter registration records. Only valid signatures from people registered to vote in Washington State will be counted.

All signatures must be collected by July 25, 2020!

Send your printed and completed petition forms to –> 

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle, WA 98127

Please mail your completed petition forms to us postmarked by Monday July 27th, at the latest. 

You may also coordinate with your local Green Party chapter to assist with return of completed petition forms. Please email us at with any questions about signing the petition or to request that a Green Party volunteer pick up your completed petition form if you are unable to mail it to us.

Green Party supporters who wish to participate and to gather petition signatures are welcome to attend any or all sessions of our online ‘Nominating Convention’ — June 25 – July 25, 2020.

To attend our Nominating Convention, contact your local Green Party chapter or send an email to with the Subject line: ‘Nominating Convention‘, and we will respond with the online meeting link for you to attend.



Do you think democracy would be better served if there were more choices on the ballot? [Yes, of course!]

–> If so, then please sign our petition.

When do we know who the Green Party Presidential nominees are?

–> The Green Party nominees for President and Vice President are Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker were selected as the Green Party nominees at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention on July 11, 2020.

Why is the Washington State ‘Nominating Convention’ so long?

–> ‘Convention’ in this case refers to a longer time span and larger area (‘Seattle – online convention’) than the usual definition to comply with the need to maintain social distancing.  During the convention dates, the Green Party of Washington will host a daily online meeting at 7 pm.

How can someone attend the Green Party ‘Nominating Convention’?

–> Signers of the petition must attest that, “I personally attended a nominating convention” and write in the date. The Green Party is required to hold a “nominating convention” by law. This “nominating convention” is ongoing, and is essentially the activity of gathering petition signatures for ballot access. Thus, when one signs the petition, they are “attending” the convention. In other words, supporters may sign the petition with the intent that they are participating (“attending”) just by signing. All supporters are also welcome (but not required) to join us during any session of our online nominating convention (June 25 – July 25, at 7 pm). To attend an online session, please ask your local Green Party chapter or send us an email (see above).

What does it mean to “support” the nominees?

–> The petition states, “I support with my signature the nominees listed above”. This can be interpreted to mean, “I support listing the Green Party nominees on the ballot”. There is no need for anyone to promise a vote for the candidates when signing the petition.

Can a person register to vote the same date they sign the petition?

–> YES. You may register to vote online at or print a voter registration form here: If you complete the voter registration form on paper, send it by postal mail to your county elections office (address provided on the form).

Can I sign the Green Party nominating petition if I voted in the Presidential Primary?

–> YES. To clarify, the reference to signing a ‘nominating petition’ pertains only to other nominating PETITIONS, and not to participation in the Washington State Presidential Primary. If you voted in the presidential primary election, you can still sign this petition.

Where can I find more information on the ‘Nominating Convention’ requirements for Washington State?

–> The legal requirements for ‘Minor Party and Independent Presidential Candidates’ are posted at

Direct links to information from the Secretary of State:

Minor Party & Independent Presidential Candidates 

How can I apply to become an Elector?

–> Please download the pledge form, print it out, write in “Green” Party, print your name, sign your name, and mail it to our PO Box address above. If you are selected as one of our designated Green Party electors, your name, mailing address, and signed pledge form will be submitted to the WA Secretary of State. The list of Green Party electors, including names and mailing addresses, is maintained by the Secretary of State as a public record.

How can I get more information?

–> Please email us at with your questions.

Volunteers – click here for a sample script to call Green Party supporters.

Download the Green Party brochure here.

Check out the Hawkins-Walker Campaign Platform here!


Presidential Nominating Convention – July 11th, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Green Party of the United States will hold a virtual convention online.

July 9, 2020 – July 12, 2020
Presidential Nominating Convention: July 11th, Noon-8pm Eastern Time [9am – 5pm Pacific Time]
$100 registration fee

The Green Party is hard at work developing a convention format and tool suite to hold a democratic, deliberative and inspiring event to launch the Green Party’s general election campaign.

This will take substantial resources and so we request delegates to contribute a registration fee as usual.

Registration fees will cover the emergency infrastructure and staff necessary to produce an online convention from multiple locations, plus online workshops, news conferences and delegate sessions such as approval of the Green Party US platform.

The Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention will be broadcast LIVE, for free on the Internet for all, on Saturday, July 11th starting at Noon Eastern Time [9 AM Pacific Time].

If you are seeking financial assistance in the form of a reduced or waived registration fee, please see the form to request a Reduced Registration fee at

The Green Party strives to allow any Green Party member to attend our national meetings. As the only political party that refuses corporate donations, we acknowledge a registration fee can be a financial burden for some Greens. Therefore, we never turn anyone away because of the cost of registration.

For registration, please visit