Congratulations to our endorsed candidates Renata Rollins and E.J. Zita for winning election to Olympia City Council and Port Commission! Get involved with supporting their work in office today! For example, check out the activist blockade of fracking supplies at the Port of Olympia: “For the second time in the past year, Washington activists […]

Congratulations to our elected Greens!

Now’s your chance to make a real difference in local races with great Green candidates who are on the 7 November ballot! The Green Party of Washington and the Green Party of South Puget Sound have endorsed Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council Position 6 ( and EJ Zita for Olympia Port Commission District 3 […]

Phonebanking for Green candidates in Washington – urgent!

The Green Party of Washington (GPWA) is a political party, and its ultimate aim is to elect Green candidates to office where they can really make a difference. This year, we have the opportunity to get excellent Green candidates into office in Olympia: Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council Position 6, and E.J. Zita for Olympia […]

Elect Green candidates in Olympia!

Elected Olympia Port Commissioner in 2015, E.J. Zita works for economic sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. “We can do better, working together.” Zita is a scientist, farmer, and teacher. She’s lived in rural Thurston County since 1995 years with her partner, an Army veteran of 23 years. As chair of the Thurston […]

E.J. Zita for Olympia Port Commission

Most of us share decent values. Many of us have better-than-decent ideas. But only one candidate in this race brings combined vision, values, ideas, and working relationships with constituents from literally all walks of life. This is what it takes to do the people’s work in Olympia. For years, Renata […]

Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council Position 6

Growing Green in 2018 – potluck and fundraiser/social with David Cobb! Friday, 7 July – 6:30 – 9 pm West Seattle American Legion Hall, 3618 SW Alaska St, Seattle Guest speaker David Cobb was the Green Party Presidential Candidate in 2004 and Campaign manager for the Stein/Baraka 2016 Presidential Campaign. From campaigning for the Democratic presidential candidates, Jesse […]

Growing Green in 2018 🌻 – potluck and fundraiser/social with ...

Green Party: Strategic Planning to Win in 2018 Sunday July 9th  –  9 am – 3 pm – Green Party of Washington State members only Come spend the day with our own David Cobb! For Green Party of WA members only; we continue our strategic planning for 2018 and beyond. […]

Green Party: Strategic Planning to Win in 2018

David Cobb and Meleiza Figueroa will be co-facilitating: MOVEMENT SCHOOL FOR REVOLUTIONARIES JULY 8th, 2017 – 9 AM to 5 PM King County Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave, Seattle APPLICATION PROCESS:  This workshop is sponsored by the Green Party of Washington State and is for true revolutionaries who agree that we […]

Movement School for Revolutionaries – 8 July 2017

Dear Green Party Members and Supporters, Now, more than ever, America needs the Green Party. Nationally, the Democrats continue their strategy of pandering to big donors and moving to the right to try to win back Obama voters who voted for Trump. Trying to change the Democrats from the ground […]

The Green Party needs YOU!

A federal judge has ruled against the Commission on Presidential Debates and the FEC for enforcing rules that served to prevent a third voice in the presidential debates. Note: this article is reposted from The Independent Voter Network (IVN). For the original article, see: In a surprising decision, Judge Tanya […]

Federal Judge Rules Against Presidential Debate Commission