Primary Ballot for Presidential Nominee and State Officers

To members of the Green Party of Washington State:


IMPORTANT: You may vote and return your ballot via email or postal mail. If you return more than one ballot, only your first ballot will be counted. Once submitted, your vote cannot be changed.

To vote via email, simply reply to the email you received with your choices marked directly on the ballot as indicated below. If you are a GPWA member and did not receive an email or need a new email ballot sent to you, please let us know –>

To vote via postal mail, print your ballot from this page, mark your choices, and send your completed ballot to:

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle WA 98127

If voting via mail, your name in the return address section of the envelope verifies your identity as the voter. Before votes are read, ballots will be separated from the envelopes. You may include as many ballots as there are members at your address.

Ballots must be emailed or postmarked by June 13th, 2020 to be valid.

GPUS Presidential Candidates

Rank your vote for each candidate on the line next to their name: “1” for your first choice, “2” for your second choice, “3” for your third choice, etc.

You may rank any or all choices below, including a write-in vote.

BALLOT – 2020 GPUS Presidential Candidates (alphabetically by last name)

______ Howie Hawkins (

______ Dario Hunter (

______ David Rolde (

______ Write-in ___________________________

Green Party of Washington Candidates

The following positions are up for election for one-year terms:

GPWA Coordinating Council – treasurer, deputy treasurer, and five at-large members

GPUS National Committee – two delegates and two alternates

GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention – five delegates and five alternates

Washington State has five delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention – online July 11th, 2020. On the first round of voting, delegates are bound to vote proportionally in accordance with the votes cast by members of the state Green Party; on any subsequent ballot delegates are free to vote as they wish.

Nominations for all positions were made at our 2020 Spring Gathering on May 23, 2020.

Candidate statements are posted on our website at

In electing the Coordinating Council, National Committee, and Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and alternates, Green Party members should have as their goal the inclusion of differences in as many areas as possible, including but not limited to race, gender, and geography.

GPWA candidates are elected proportionally using the Gregory method of single transferable vote. See our bylaws for more information.

BALLOT – SPRING 2020 GPWA ELECTIONS (alphabetically by first name)

Rank your vote for each candidate on the line next to their name: “1” for your first choice, “2” for your second choice, “3” for your third choice, etc.

Coordinating Council – At-Large Members

Rank up to six choices:

______ Alice Green (King County)

______ Charles Law (Jefferson County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Margaret Elisabeth (King County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

______ Richard Redick (Benton County)

Coordinating Council – Treasurer

Rank one choice:

______ Scott Thompson (Whatcom County)

Coordinating Council – Deputy Treasurer

Rank one choice:

______ Lisa Canar (King County)

Delegates to GPUS

Rank up to two choices:

______ Kyle Taylor Lucas (Thurston County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

Alternates to GPUS

Rank up to four choices:

______ Colin Bartlett (Thurston County)

______ Frank Lockwood (Benton County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Nina Manuel (Yakima County)

Delegates/Alternates to GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention

Rank up to ten choices:

______ C.J. Sellers (King County)

______ Colin Bartlett (Thurston County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Jody Grage (King County)

______ Jonathan Betz-Zall (King County)

______ Kyle Taylor Lucas (Thurston County)

______ Lisa Canar (King County)

______ Nina Manuel (Yakima County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

______ Phoenix Wendt (Thurston County)


The following candidate for public office has requested Green Party preferred candidate status.

Should the Green Party of Washington State grant preferred candidate status to the following candidate?

David Spring – Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction (  |  Link to Candidate Questionnaire

Mark one choice:

______ Yes

______ No

______ Abstain

If you have any questions about voting in this election, please email us at before submitting your vote.

New members must have joined the Green Party of Washington by April 23, 2020 to participate and vote in our nominating process. Returning members and those whose membership has lapsed must renew their membership by May 23rd to vote.

To join, renew, or check your GPWA membership status, click here.

GPWA Candidate Statements

Candidates for GPWA offices are listed alphabetically by first name.

Note: All candidates for PNC delegate/alternate have pledged to vote in accordance with the results of our statewide primary on the first round of voting at the PNC.


“Alice Green is currently the chair of the Green Party of Seattle and is working diligently to revitalize Green activism in Seattle. She is the creative genius behind the engaging memes on the Green Party of Seattle Facebook page.” -Lisa Canar.

(I am leaving Lisa’s generous testimonial as is, mainly because of the part where she calls me a creative genius.)

In 2015 I became a member of the Green Party of Washington State as part of the ‘Action Faction’, a group of activist minded people that met weekly in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Later in 2016 I became an actual member of the Green Party of Seattle. My volunteer activities included tabling, vending, signature gathering, door knocking, bannering, commenting at Seattle City Hall, wheat pasting, letter writing, helping to edit the 2018 Green Party Agenda, and attempting to update the Green Party of Seattle website. For nearly 2 years I have been an ad hoc point person for Seattle Greens and the Green Party of Seattle treasurer.

In my work life I am a Registered Nurse on a Labor & Delivery unit here in Seattle. This job is very visceral but also quite phenomenological. You can actually look at something happen and five minutes later think, “Okay, that was impossible.” The genesis of things fascinates me. I feel that Seattle is pregnant with political possibilities for Greens that have yet to be realized. The framework we have is in place but needs to be fortified with right effort and expedient means. Greens must build a more resilient and sustainable political infrastructure at our State and Local Chapter levels. I don’t pretend to know how to do this but for now it is enough to believe that it could happen on my watch, and that I am here to help if I can.


My name is C.J. Sellers. As I haven’t been to any in-person Green Party events since I moved from North Carolina to King County (near Duvall), introductions are particularly necessary in my case. Thank you for your consideration.

I’m pretty much an open book, if you looked me up online. I’m semi-retired out of necessity—surviving cancer one day at a time. Most of my life I worked in retail and freelanced as a writer and graphic and web designer. Lately, I continue to write, have resumed making art, and working in the garden. I love animals and wildlife and living in the mountains. I’m a pacifist and the ‘B’ and ‘Q’ in LGBTIQ. I’m an atheist. Engaged to be married. One son. Two toy dogs and a cockatiel.

As a Green, I believe most strongly in respect for diversity. I’ve been known for my tolerance and friendliness, but I can be just the opposite about some things related to my values and principles. Election process reforms, advocating for peaceful means, and building the Green Party have been my top political agendas over the past decade and a half.

My Green Party Background: I left the Democratic Party after Kerry and became a Green, and I have proudly voted Green since 2006. I jumped into Green politics in Tennessee by working on Green candidates’ campaigns for higher office. I moved to Asheville, North Carolina around 2011, and soon did a lot of organizing events around ballot access and served as co-chair of my county party for a while.

Honestly, I can’t say I succeeded at all my goals as a Green. For instance, you may have seen a post on the Facebook group where I’ve tried to organize a chapter in the rural area of Eastern Washington. I had to back off when I had a setback with chemo treatment, but since that leveled out, I’m still open to it (email me at if you want to help/join).

I’m very happy for this opportunity to make this short-term commitment to serve the party. I’m in the Howie Hawkins camp, but my intention and promise as presidential nomination committee delegate is to vote in alignment with our primary’s outcome. I’ll pay my way into the convention.

Thanks for this opportunity to pitch in, and, I look forward to meeting you and, if possible, working with you at upcoming events.

Best wishes to all,  – C.J.


Charles Law is at present a GPWA Coordinating Council member. He is seeking a second term for the at-large position.

His point of political view has always been far left of center.

While president of the Whatcom County wing of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, he pushed the group to adopt a worker’s rights position to their local platform.

Having since moved to Port Townsend in Jefferson County, he has restarted the Green Party of the Olympic Peninsula Facebook page and is now its administrator. Charles is a general member of GPWA. This is due to the fact there isn’t an active Green Party chapter in Jefferson County.

At present, he is working to resurrect the chapter as well as establish a compost manufacturing facility in Jefferson County. Living in a local farming community, he believes everything begins with the soil. If you feed the soil, then it will feed you. He wants to capture the county’s food scraps and turn them into a quality compost. This would curtail the use of petroleum-based fertilizers.

He is dedicated to making wasted food a thing of the past and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels into the future.

Why does Charles want to retain his position with the GPWA Coordinating Council?

“The Green Party is the only party remotely serious about Climate breakdown and is willing to collaborate with other social groups to develop solutions. I want to be a part of that.”


I’m a queer ecosocialist and proud union member of IWW Industrial Union 640. This past year I led the cooperatization of my workplace, and in 2017, I helped manage a successful campaign to elect a Green Party housing activist to the Olympia City Council. I have been elected as Secretary for the Lavender Greens, the LGBTQ Caucus of Green Party US, and I’m the outgoing Membership Coordinator for the South Sound Green Party. I’m also proud to be a dues-paying Socialist.

I’m so excited by the candidates we have running this year, both in local races and at the top of the ticket. I think all of our recognized presidential candidates represent exciting, passionate alternatives to the stupidly cruel and lethally stagnant neoliberalism the two dominant parties represent. I’m in love with the vision for our party that they have articulated.

Growing up in Chicagoland led me to recognize the dangers of Democratic Party hegemony at an early age, and several years of houselessness taught me the importance of Mutual Aid projects and public housing and utilities for a survivable world. My education is in evolutionary theory, and I appreciate being in a political movement that centers science in its policy. I think the Green Party has a unique and necessary perspective to add to the pan-leftist project of building a just and equitable society that exists within our ecological limits. I’m dedicated to collaborating with anyone who is willing to work with us to build the Fully Automated Gay Space Communist future we all deserve.

Survival Through Solidarity!


Frank is a former teacher, news reporter and hobby gardener who became an eco-socialist and switched to the Green Party in view of the Democratic preliminaries of 2016. Soon after, he began texting for Jill Stein and facilitated the formation of a new local Green Party – the Green Party of the Mid-Columbia in southeast Washington State. Lockwood has joined many local protests and events, and helped his wife, Laura, to organize others, including an electric vehicle show, several food swaps, local GP meetings and gatherings. He supports a climate lobby, the building of a Consolidated Crisis Response Center, a local climate lobby, sustainable city planning, and safer transportation planning. GPMC-WA was fully incorporated on January 1, 2018.

Frank is an active blogger and maintains the local GP Facebook site (, and a local GP Facebook Discussion page ( He is also the creator/developer/administrator for the GPMC-WA’s web site (

Frank says, “I really like the Green Party’s Four Principles and Ten Key Values, and I appreciate the many reflective and deep-thinking Greens I have met. Serving as an alternate to the National Council has given me insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of the National Green Party and I trust that at least some of my input has been helpful. I am committed to serving the Green Party in ways consistent with my limited knowledge, skills and background. Thank you for considering me as an alternate candidate.”


I have joined the Green Party US as a longtime non-corporate sociopolitical activist and as an anti-corporate-oligarchy one-party “Dems&Repubs” factions political system election candidate myself in 2017 with 24,000 voters in Seattle.

The Green Party US as officially an Eco-Socialist political organization must become the main political opponent and viable election alternative to the corrupt undemocratic corporate capitalist oligarchy “Dems&Repubs” factions. It is essential to understand that there is no such thing as a “corporate progressive” as the term itself is an oxymoron and both the corporate oligarchy “Dems” & “Repubs” factions must be directly opposed and challenged by the Green Party US in politics and in elections at federal, state, and local levels.

The Green Party US and the Green Party WA both have failed to even run Eco-Socialist election candidates at most federal, state, and local levels nationwide, especially in WA State which even in the current 2020 elections has not fielded a candidate in nearly any state election. This is a chronic political and ideological failure by the Green Party US & Green Party WA officials and apparatchiks to perform their jobs to recruit & support Green Party candidates thereby depriving the entire voter electorate, and the people, of any choice or alternative to the corporate oligarchy “Dems&Repubs” factions. This failure itself smacks of collusion or tacit cooperation with the corporate oligarchy “Dems & Repubs” factions, which is a betrayal of the Green Party’s actual identity as an eco-socialist party.

It is time now for the Green Party to be reinvigorated and redeveloped as an actual effective Eco-Socialist sociopolitical force and ideological alternative throughout this country and particularly in WA State. The Green Party must expand its reachout and recruitment efforts to all voters, and to minority communities (LGBT, black, Latino, Asian, & indigenous people). Also the Green Party US should expand its “10 basic values”, which are too much like pablum & platitudes, by adding expanded definitions of intrinsic human individual & societal rights in all sociocultures & countries, including free universal healthcare from birth to death for all persons, free public education from Pre-K through Ph.D., universal access to safe & adequate permanent housing for all persons from birth to death, universal freedom from discrimination or abuse on any basis whatever for all persons, and publicly guaranteed minimum monthly income for all persons from age 17 (as proved adequate for each nation-state).

And as an internationalist myself, the Green Party US and Green Party WA must implement expanded planning, cooperation, and integration efforts and programs with all Green parties and with eco-socialist parties or groups worldwide.

I appreciate your consideration and support of my candidacy for Green Party WA internal elected posts.

Herb Camet, Jr., M.A., PCV  —  Email:


I was born in Seattle and have been working most of my life as an activist. I taught at-risk youth in the Central Area in the early 60s, at alternative schools, and at Juvenile Hall. I have deep roots as a community activist in Ballard where I have lived since 1976. I founded and ran the Seattle Nonviolent Peacekeeper Pool for over a decade back in the day and was one of the founders of both Sustainable Seattle and Sustainable Ballard, as well as Voluntary Simplicity.

In the mid-80s I worked with the issue-based group Cascadia Green Alliance and on our newspaper “Waves”. I continued as it grew into the Green Party of Washington State serving on many working groups as well as the Coordinating Council as Treasurer and an at-large member.

I have served on the GPUS Steering Committee for several terms as an at-large member, as well as four years as Treasurer and two years as Secretary, and have been a member of the Annual National Meeting Committee, the Ballot Access Committee, the Finance Committee, GPAX – the Peace Action Committee, the Credentialing Committee and others, often as co-chair.

I bring with me institutional memory, an appetite for agendas and minutes and other necessary paperwork, a willingness to toil in the trenches, a recognition of the need to develop the robust campaign support system necessary to attract credible candidates, a vision of Green Party locals all across our state – and a feeling that the 11th Key Value is perseverance.

If elected as a PNC Delegate/Alternate I pledge to vote proportional to the vote of the GPWA membership on the first ballot, as stated in the GPWA bylaws.


Jonathan Betz-Zall helped to found the Cascadia Green Alliance (CGA), a predecessor to the Green Party of Washington, in 1986. After the CGA dissolved in the early 1990s, he went on to volunteer for the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice, the American Friends Service Committee, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and the Nakani Native Program, where he currently serves as Treasurer. The time pressure of his current activities make it too difficult to take on regular activity with the Green Party, but he was very impressed with some of the presidential candidates who spoke at the State Meeting and he would like to help the party select the most suitable one for the 2020 campaign. He has worked on political campaigns in the past and has six years’ experience representing state-level constituents at a national level through a professional organization.

Jonathan Betz-Zall — Seattle, WA —


T’igwicid (thank you) for considering me as a candidate to the Green Party (GP) Presidential Nominating Convention to represent Washington, and as delegate to the GPUS National Committee.

A Sdohobsch (Snohomish) woman of the Coast Salish Tulalip Tribes and a hereditary chief of the Pukaist People of the Nlaka’Pamux Nation, B.C., I’ve dedicated my life as a frontline organizer addressing social and economic justice, homelessness, criminal justice system reform, environmental justice, farmworkers rights, wild salmon recovery, climate crisis, tribal treaty and Urban Indian rights, and the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and peoples.

I chair Urban Indians Northwest—a group dedicated to uplifting the community and the struggle for inclusion. For the past three years we’ve organized rallies and direct action blockades against fracking, protected with Protectors of the Salish Sea, opposed Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), and addressed the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) with rallies, marches, and advocating for Urban Indians in the legislature.

As a Tumwater City Councilmember, I focused on water as a human right and worked to block planned fee increases on those seeking reconnection and threatened with water shut-off. I then advocated creation of a water and sewer assistance program to help those struggling, which became reality and helps low-income residents today. And I led the effort to ban the plastic bag with Tumwater becoming the first tri-city to do so.

An Indian policy leader in state and tribal policy executive roles for more than two decades I worked to negotiate the complex issues and delicate relations between them. As director of the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs I managed a state agency instrumental in guiding cabinet agency appreciation of tribal culture, and the unique historical, contemporary, legal (treaties and case law), and political significance and relationship of Indian tribes to the state. Bringing people together around common goals was a cornerstone of my work and legacy in helping the state to move from a history of conflict and legal challenges to one of cooperation and collaboration.

As a freelance writer, I’ve written extensively on issues of Indigenous rights, the plight of invisible Urban Indians, migrant workers and immigration rights, criminal justice system reform, environmental justice, climate crisis, opposing war and occupation, healthcare as a human right, and the continuing impacts to Indigenous peoples from colonial oppression and unresolved historic and generational trauma.

A professionally trained and certified mediator, I hold a B.A. degree in Political Science and Native American Studies from the Evergreen State College.

I strongly support the GP Platform, Four Pillars, and 10 Key Values with the caveat I believe to ensure diversity the GP must expand its Social and Racial Justice Platform plank to address systemic racial inequity and injustice. I hope you agree my life and values striving for justice and human rights, of amplifying the voices of the oppressed, and defending the water and land—a lived experience of resistance and advocacy on behalf of the human and ecological condition merits support of my nomination.  |


I have been a member of the Green Party of Seattle and Green Party of Washington since 2016. I currently volunteer as social media and communications coordinator for GPWA, and oversee our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter), post news to our website, publicize events, and send organizational emails. I attended the GPUS annual convention in 2016 as a Presidential Nominating Convention delegate, and I have served on the GPWA Coordinating Council for four years, most recently as Deputy Treasurer. I am running to continue in the role of Deputy Treasurer for 2020-2021, and for PNC delegate/alternate.

In my professional life, I am a Medical Consultant for a diagnostic and clinical testing laboratory. I completed my training in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine at Bastyr University.

Our health depends on the health of our communities and our planet, and on establishing a comprehensive Green agenda. In my work and activism, I strive to uphold the Green visions and values of social and racial justice, grassroots democracy, environmental justice, sustainability, non-violence, cooperation, and ecosocialism. For people, planet, and peace over profit!


Thank you for the privilege of letting me earn your vote for the Coordinating Council.

My name is Margaret Elisabeth and I’d like to tell you a little about myself, my involvement with the Green Party, my activism, and my general thoughts so that you’ll have something of an understanding of who I am and what I’m about.

I am a nonbinary person and currently am the Co-Chair of the National Lavender Green Caucus, elected in April 2019 serving until April 2021, as well as the NLGC Alternate Delegate to the National Committee and one of two Media Spokespeople for the Caucus. Both positions I was elected for in our past April 2020 election. I’ll be serving a 2-year term in those capacities. Previous to my current positions in the NLGC, I was one of our National Delegates to the National Committee from 2017-2019. I take my obligations to my Caucus seriously and want to bring the same manner of serious mind to the GPWA CC should I win a seat. In those various positions, I’ve reinvigorated our Facebook Group and Community, created our YouTube and Discord Server, modernized, updated and added substantial new content to our website. I facilitate and moderate our Caucus monthly meetings and ensure that our Caucus gets its work done on the National Committees which we have reps on.

I believe in building the change we wish to see in the world. Nobody will build it for us. It’s difficult and time consuming however if we don’t do it, who will? I believe in speaking passionately and with courageous conviction regarding the values which matter to me personally, Social Justice, Non-Violence and Ecological Wisdom and I will do the same in my position on the Coordinating Committee to help our State grow and develop. Our Green ideals and values will be needed more than ever as we move, collectively, into a social milieu which will be dominated by issues of health, climate and social justice.

Please consider casting a vote for me.

Regards,  ~Margaret Elisabeth  (They/Them)


I am very passionate about the Green Party platform, the four pillars, and the ten key values. I see these as the way forward in all political contexts. I first learned of the party when we moved to Humboldt County and my Dad voted for Nader. Being in Humboldt I was introduced to the Green Party local, the Arcata Greens in California. Where at the time we had the benefit of experiencing a Green Mayor, and a local government supportive of worker-owned Cooperative based business. From that experience I felt that there is a lot we can do to more effectively improve things from the local level, so when a local opened up in our Washington Counties I jumped on board.

I would like to learn more and work to do more for growing the Green Party further, in supporting the opportunity for growing Green representation locally, and in getting our values and solutions out in a more fluid way. I feel this would be a good way to increase my personal participation, and to absorb more knowledge and experience, as well.

Nina Manuel of the Green Party of the Mid-Columbia, Yakima, WA (she/her)


Noah Martin has been a community activist from a young age, when he would accompany his mother to Iraq War protests and “helped” sample frog populations and survey birds to protect local wetlands. After receiving his B.A. from Oberlin College in Politics and Latin American Studies, Noah has worked managing an in-school mentoring program for at-risk youth, as a counselor in a Seattle homeless shelter, as a landscaper, as a caregiver, and even as a geoducker. Today, he works in Olympia as a policy analyst and legislative advocate for Quaker Voice, a faith-based, grassroots organization that advocates for bold ecological action, criminal justice reform, and economic justice. He has worked with a range of organizations in Olympia, including Thurston County Progressives, Just Housing, Olympia IWW, Olympia Assembly, Olympia DSA, and as a founding member of Tenants of the South Sound.

Noah decided to vote for Jill Stein in 2012, his first vote ever cast for president. Noah has been a bonafide member of the Green Party since 2016, serving as the membership coordinator for the South Sound Green Party, as its delegate to the GPWA CC, and as one of GPWA’s delegates to the NC. He has served on the Green Party’s International Committee, and is its newest Youth Delegate to the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas. He also served as volunteer coordinator and field organizer for Renata Rollins’s successful 2017 campaign to put a Green on Olympia City Council.

Noah believes that the Green Party must be built from the ground up as a revolutionary, anti-capitalist alternative to the Democratic-Republican Party, engaging in mutual aid and direct action in addition to electoral politics. He is particularly interested in seeing the national party support these local efforts. If elected, his priorities will be continuing to champion and enforce LGBTQ rights in the party, restructuring the party to better track membership and coordinate nationwide actions, and revising the platform to better match the immediate needs of youth.


My name is Phoenix Wendt. I am an Ambassador and Advocate for OUR Houseless Family. I am also a Chaplain. I was born in Shelton, Washington but made Olympia, Washington my Home since 2000. I was a Sex and Work Slave for a White Supremacist, went through much Child Abuse, through the Failing of DCFS by them allowing most of my Children to be sold (1 in Heaven and 1 stolen and got adopted at least), been thru Beatings, Broken Bones, Domestic Violence, etc.

I’ve come from such a torn up past that in 2013, I ran from it all and Chose to Recreate MY LIFE! I Thank All of You who surrounded me as a Community to pull me into where I am Today. That kind of Community is Needed for so Many. Solidarity and Community are Critical for Many who have Trauma! That Purpose is Underwriting much of who I am and what I have become. I am Fighting so that Your Mother, Sister, Dad, Brother, They, etc. Family Members won’t Go or ARE Going Thru Attenuation, Persecution, Criminalization, etc.

My experience with the Green Party has had so many fronts. So many stories. Such Solidarity in this Thurston County Community and Beyond! They have Exhibited: Honor, Loyalty, Aide, Have Kept Their Word, Love, Unity, Etc! My Experience is Multiple. But here’s Two stories…

1: During the first stages of the Development of The Lawsuit against the UnConstitutional Codes that are Criminalizing OUR Houseless Family! -Patricia Delaney- was with ME/US as WE went and Established the Lawsuit in Front of the Judge and Won the First Step to be Heard! (Still much more to do. Including WE are Heading to the Washington State Supreme Court… And are Requesting for help Politically and but much more right now WE Need Attorneys)

2: During Pride of one year. I with several others had a Tent up in Support of Our houseless LGBT Family. To explain the Facts of the Persecution and Attenuation… WE got hassled by the Cops to take down the tent and since WE didn’t have a “Permit ” just verbal permission which was supposedly revoked. Being hassled to move on. -Noah Martin – reached over very determinedly and pulled the tent over and put it under the SS Green Party Booth and said, “We’ve got a permit. OUR Tent, OUR Family!” Then invited the rest of US to bring OUR Materials to display… The Cops had no choice, but to leave US Alone!

The Bannerhead of the Green Party has me honored to be part of such a Great Party. During these difficult times, WE should be careful, wise, and watching OUR Government and who WE put into place. As WE Rebuild a Hurting Nation, Individual States, with ALL Citizens, WE Need to Lose OUR Former Differences, Set Aside Wounds, Remove Barriers, Remove Laws that are not Constitutionally Just, etc. WE Need Unity and Right Respect of Family, People, Individuals, etc.

The Environment is such an issue for me as well. – the Green New Deal. In which the Green Party are Champions! The Green Party is like a Boat – Caretaking its members, but also keeping the Environment safe, and planting Trees along the way. One that I hope to have more Stories with for a long time! Our Eco System, People, and the Government are a Symbiosis, a handshake. Thus management of All levels is needed for US and OUR Future Generations!

So with Future and Present in mind. I/WE are currently Working on a Non-Profit Cooperative for the Houseless. A Self – Sustaining Community with Barter, HOUSING, and Safety! Hopefully WE can Great Assistance in Creating Such a Needful Cooperative for Our Families…

I was asked to do a Bio. My Bio is that I am Nothing Without the Father, OUR Houseless Family, but also Each of You! Yes, I am Phoenix, Risen from the Ashes and Determined. The Father has placed so many protections on His Most Vulnerable. (Please Read James Chapter 2.) Thus, I also Obey the Will of Him, Who has Sent Me. I am also Honored to have gotten to know each of the Community and South Sound Green Party… And More To Come!


Richard Redick joined the Green Party of the Mid-Columbia and the Green Party of Washington in January 2018 after spending roughly equal portions of his adult life as a Republican and as a Democrat. The events of the 2016 election cycle impelled Richard, as a matter of conscience, to permanently leave the 2-party system. With a degree in economics, and 21 years working for major corporations, he is convinced that, until Big Money is barred from influencing politics, the desires of the people will take a back seat with policy makers.

Deeply concerned, yet optimistic regarding the future, Richard sees a definite role for technology in both developing livable communities, and in linking them together in meaningful ways that are socially and ecologically healthy. He sees the Green Party platform oriented toward that constructive and hopeful end, and he is invigorated by it! Richard resides in Kennewick, Washington; presently sharing his home with 3 of his young adult children, and one playful, tabby cat.


Scott grew up in Los Angeles but was very happy to move his family to Northwest Washington in 1993 to raise his kids in a more rural environment. Married over 38 years, he lives in a beautiful and peaceful place a bit up Sumas Mountain (in Whatcom County) enjoying time with his three grandkids. His bachelor’s degree is in Psychology with a Business minor. He worked as a Control Systems Engineer since moving to Washington, then took an early retirement in hopes of reducing his biological footprint. In 2001 he founded the Whatcom County Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee and now facilitates the local Green Party.

Scott admires all the Green Party 10 Key Values. However, he believes that Non-violence is clearly the most urgent… “Most US citizens have been manipulated into redirecting our country’s resources into unconstitutional wars that benefit international corporations and an imperialist agenda, but only harm the other 99%. If we could stop the wasteful practices of the military-industrial-intelligence complex, then we could easily implement the remaining 10 Key Values in our country. Let’s reject the fear-based narrative imposed on us from 9/11 by those that have benefited and work on awakening our fellow citizens to a brighter, sustainable future.”

Green Party Presidential Forum – Videos

Thank you to all who attended our online Spring Gathering!

If you missed the afternoon session with our Green Party presidential and vice-presidential candidates, you may watch the videos here on our new YouTube channel! And remember to ‘Subscribe’ to our channel for video updates!

All votes in the Green Party of Washington Presidential Primary will be cast by Green Party members on a ranked-choice ballot sent out via email (or postal mail) after the Gathering.

Ballots and candidate statements will be emailed (or postal mailed to members without email addresses) within one week after the Spring Gathering, and returned ballots must be sent back (emailed or postmarked) no later than 21 days after the close of the Gathering — i.e., by Saturday June 13th, 2020. Members may choose to return their ballot via email or postal mail.

More information on the 2020 Green Party Presidential candidates.

 ? #WeAreGreen #VoteGreen2020 #RankedChoiceVoting 

GPWA Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations – Coordinating Council, National Committee, and Presidential Convention delegates

Nominations for one-year terms for the following positions and delegations are open until the end of our Green Party Spring Gathering on Saturday May 23, 2020:

Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council – five at-large members, Treasurer, and Deputy Treasurer (7 positions total)

Green Party National Committee – GPUS online forum – 2 delegates and 2 alternates

Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention – July 11, 2020 online convention meeting – 5 delegates and 5 alternates

New members must have joined the Green Party of Washington by April 23, 2020 to be eligible for nomination, and returning members must renew their membership by the end of the Spring Gathering to be eligible.

These positions will be elected proportionally using single transferable (ranked choice) voting.

In nominating and electing the Coordinating Council, National Committee, and Presidential Convention delegates and alternates, Green Party members should have as their goal the inclusion of differences in as many areas as possible, including but not limited to race, gender, and geography.

Ballots and candidate statements will be emailed (or postal mailed to members without email addresses) within one week after the Spring Gathering, and returned ballots must be sent back (emailed or postmarked) no later than 21 days after the close of the Gathering. Members may choose to return their ballot via email or postal mail.

See our bylaws for more information about our nominating process, voting method, and Coordinating Council positions and responsibilities.

Nominations will be accepted and reviewed during the afternoon session of our Spring Gathering, scheduled at 3 PM. Each candidate will be given time to make a brief statement. Also, a short written statement (maximum 500 words) from each candidate to be included with the ballots must be sent to no later than 5 pm on Wednesday May 27th.

New members must have joined the Green Party of Washington by April 23, 2020 to participate and vote in our nominating process. Returning members and those whose membership has lapsed must renew their membership by May 23rd to vote.

Click here to join, renew, or check your membership status.

Reminder: RSVP for our May 23rd Spring Gathering

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