Primary Ballot for Presidential Nominee and State Officers

To members of the Green Party of Washington State:


IMPORTANT: You may vote and return your ballot via email or postal mail. If you return more than one ballot, only your first ballot will be counted. Once submitted, your vote cannot be changed.

To vote via email, simply reply to the email you received with your choices marked directly on the ballot as indicated below. If you are a GPWA member and did not receive an email or need a new email ballot sent to you, please let us know –>

To vote via postal mail, print your ballot from this page, mark your choices, and send your completed ballot to:

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle WA 98127

If voting via mail, your name in the return address section of the envelope verifies your identity as the voter. Before votes are read, ballots will be separated from the envelopes. You may include as many ballots as there are members at your address.

Ballots must be emailed or postmarked by June 13th, 2020 to be valid.

GPUS Presidential Candidates

Rank your vote for each candidate on the line next to their name: “1” for your first choice, “2” for your second choice, “3” for your third choice, etc.

You may rank any or all choices below, including a write-in vote.

BALLOT – 2020 GPUS Presidential Candidates (alphabetically by last name)

______ Howie Hawkins (

______ Dario Hunter (

______ David Rolde (

______ Write-in ___________________________

Green Party of Washington Candidates

The following positions are up for election for one-year terms:

GPWA Coordinating Council – treasurer, deputy treasurer, and five at-large members

GPUS National Committee – two delegates and two alternates

GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention – five delegates and five alternates

Washington State has five delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention – online July 11th, 2020. On the first round of voting, delegates are bound to vote proportionally in accordance with the votes cast by members of the state Green Party; on any subsequent ballot delegates are free to vote as they wish.

Nominations for all positions were made at our 2020 Spring Gathering on May 23, 2020.

Candidate statements are posted on our website at

In electing the Coordinating Council, National Committee, and Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and alternates, Green Party members should have as their goal the inclusion of differences in as many areas as possible, including but not limited to race, gender, and geography.

GPWA candidates are elected proportionally using the Gregory method of single transferable vote. See our bylaws for more information.

BALLOT – SPRING 2020 GPWA ELECTIONS (alphabetically by first name)

Rank your vote for each candidate on the line next to their name: “1” for your first choice, “2” for your second choice, “3” for your third choice, etc.

Coordinating Council – At-Large Members

Rank up to six choices:

______ Alice Green (King County)

______ Charles Law (Jefferson County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Margaret Elisabeth (King County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

______ Richard Redick (Benton County)

Coordinating Council – Treasurer

Rank one choice:

______ Scott Thompson (Whatcom County)

Coordinating Council – Deputy Treasurer

Rank one choice:

______ Lisa Canar (King County)

Delegates to GPUS

Rank up to two choices:

______ Kyle Taylor Lucas (Thurston County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

Alternates to GPUS

Rank up to four choices:

______ Colin Bartlett (Thurston County)

______ Frank Lockwood (Benton County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Nina Manuel (Yakima County)

Delegates/Alternates to GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention

Rank up to ten choices:

______ C.J. Sellers (King County)

______ Colin Bartlett (Thurston County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Jody Grage (King County)

______ Jonathan Betz-Zall (King County)

______ Kyle Taylor Lucas (Thurston County)

______ Lisa Canar (King County)

______ Nina Manuel (Yakima County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

______ Phoenix Wendt (Thurston County)


The following candidate for public office has requested Green Party preferred candidate status.

Should the Green Party of Washington State grant preferred candidate status to the following candidate?

David Spring – Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction (  |  Link to Candidate Questionnaire

Mark one choice:

______ Yes

______ No

______ Abstain

If you have any questions about voting in this election, please email us at before submitting your vote.

New members must have joined the Green Party of Washington by April 23, 2020 to participate and vote in our nominating process. Returning members and those whose membership has lapsed must renew their membership by May 23rd to vote.

To join, renew, or check your GPWA membership status, click here.

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