Help Decide the Greens’ Presidential Candidate

The Green Party of Washington State will hold an early Spring Gathering to consider statements from Green Party presidential candidates and to receive nominations for our Coordinating Council and GPUS delegations. We will meet on Sunday, March 3, 2024, from 6 PM – 8:30 PM on Zoom.

Register to attend:

All Green Party members will be able to vote for the GPWA Coordinating Council, GPUS delegates, and the presidential candidate of their choice, via online ballot, during the three weeks following the Spring Gathering — March 3rd – March 24th.

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Our Washington State Nominating Conventions will take place between May 4 – July 27, 2024, during which we will be gathering signatures for our Presidential Nominee and selecting our Green Party state electors.

Stay tuned for more information!

Green Party Ballot Access – 2024

We will be gathering signatures to get our Green Party Presidential Candidate on the General Election Ballot in Washington State!

The Green Party of Washington State will hold in-person Nominating Conventions to select electors and to participate in nominating our Green Party Presidential candidate. Our Nominating Conventions will meet in Seattle and Olympia on select dates (TBD), between Thursday, May 4, 2024 and Thursday, July 27, 2024.

During our convention meetings, we will select our Washington State electors and gather the required 1,000+ signatures from Washington voters to place our Green Party Presidential candidate on the November General Election ballot.

We need your help to gather signatures from registered voters in Washington State!

–> Download and print the Green Party Nominating Petition

Print out this Nominating Petition on standard white paper, single-sided. All signatures must be gathered and submitted on the original paper petition forms. We are not allowed to submit photocopies, scanned copies, faxed copies, or electronic copies of the petition forms. Signatures must be provided with pen on paper. Digital or digitized signatures will not be accepted.

Full names, signatures, and mailing addresses must match the Secretary of State voter registration records. Only valid signatures from people who are registered to vote in Washington State will be counted.

Send your completed petition forms to –> 

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle, WA 98127

You may also coordinate with your local Green Party chapter to assist with the return of completed petition forms. Please email us at with any questions about signing the petition or turning in your completed forms.

Green Party supporters who wish to participate and gather petition signatures are welcome to attend any session (dates TBD) of our Nominating Conventions.

To attend one of our Nominating Conventions, contact your local Green Party chapter or send an email to



Do you think democracy would be better served if there were more choices on the ballot? [Yes, of course!]

–> If so, then please sign our petition.

When will the Green Party Presidential nominee be selected?

–> The Green Party nominees for President and Vice President will be selected at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention in July 2024.

How can someone attend the Green Party Nominating Convention?

–> To attend a convention and sign a petition, please ask your local Green Party chapter or send us an email (see above).

What does it mean to “support” the nominees?

–> The petition states, “I support with my signature the nominees listed above”. This can be interpreted to mean, “I support listing the Green Party nominees on the ballot”. There is no need for anyone to promise a vote for the candidates when signing the petition.

Can a person register to vote on the same date they sign the petition?

–> YES. You may register to vote online at or print a voter registration form here: If you complete the voter registration form on paper, send it by postal mail to your county elections office (address provided on the form).

Can I sign the Green Party nominating petition if I voted in the WA State Presidential Primary (for Major Parties)?

–> YES. To clarify, the reference to signing a ‘nominating petition’ pertains only to other nominating PETITIONS, and not to participation in the Washington State Presidential Primary. If you vote in the presidential primary election, you can still sign this petition. (More information on this topic from 2020.)

Where can I find more information on the Nominating Convention requirements for Washington State?

Direct links to information from the Secretary of State:

Minor Party & Independent Presidential Candidates – 2024 

How can I apply to become an Elector?

–> Please download the pledge form, print it out, write in “Green” Party, print and sign your name, and mail it to our PO Box address above. If you are selected as one of our designated Green Party electors, your name, mailing address, and signed pledge form will be submitted to the WA Secretary of State. The list of Green Party electors, including names and mailing addresses, is maintained by the Secretary of State as a public record.

How can I get more information?

–> Please email with your questions.

Volunteers – click here for a sample script to call Green Party supporters.

Download the Green Party WA brochure

GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee

GPUS Ballot Access Committee

Statement against outing and harassment of a transgender minor and UW’s response

Earlier this month, anti-trans activist Riley Gaines publicly outed a transgender student, a minor, to her followers on Twitter/X. The student, who had verbally accepted a women’s volleyball scholarship to the UW (University of Washington) was harassed online by Riley Gaines, her followers, and the group ICONS, an anti-transgender group that attacks transgender girls and women in sports. Later that week, Riley Gaines posted on social media claiming that UW Volleyball had rescinded the scholarship.

The Green Party of Washington supports transgender people in all ways in society, sports included. If it is true that UW rescinded the scholarship, we call for an immediate reversal of this decision and an apology to the student. Otherwise, we believe this decision by the UW should be investigated as a Title IX violation against UW Volleyball.

It is apparent that Washingtonians and those who wish to come here must be protected from harassment and the prying eyes of states or individuals.

Just last week, transgender journalist Erin Reed broke news that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is demanding medical records from Seattle Children’s Hospital for all patients who live in Texas. Ken Paxton is also requesting medical instruction to stop transition care for those patients, making it transparent the intent to do harm. Wisely, Washington passed a “Shield Law” last year that prevents the sharing of protected medical records such as transition or abortion care to states that restrict that care, which has, at least for now, prevented the sharing of private medical information.

Looking back at the Riley Gaines social media posts against the student, Riley attacks that the student and her parents somehow “hid” her transgender status from the coach, school, teammates, and other kids’ parents. It is important to understand that transgender status is medical information and should, as all medical information, be protected; expecting children to share their private medical history with anyone who might care is a perverse violation of the right to privacy — a right that too clearly has been insufficiently protected.

So then, the Green Party of Washington also calls on legislators to address gaps in “malicious disclosure” of private medical information as a form of harassment that should not be protected speech. Such legislation prohibiting malicious disclosure would serve to protect all who live or come to Washington from an individual or organization sharing private medical information, to similar effect as the law that recently stopped Texas from being able to demand that information.

GPWA Organizer – Seeking applicants!

Green Party of Washington (GPWA) Organizer – Contract Position

In order to grow we must engage volunteers, increase membership, and run candidates. Engaging volunteers, increasing membership, and supporting candidates and campaigns will ultimately build strong Green Party chapters. Engaging an organizer will be a good investment and be more efficient and effective than relying entirely on volunteers.

The Organizer will serve as a contractor, not an employee. The contract will last for seven months, with an option to renew, based on work completed. The contract will begin on January 1, 2024, or upon acceptance of the contract position. 

The Organizer position will be a contract for 40 hours per month at $450 per month, for seven months. Any changes in hours or pay per month must be approved by the GPWA Coordinating Council (CC).

The contractor will provide monthly status reports and time sheets documenting the day, amount of time, and activity performed to the CC on their work.

Volunteer Engagement (40%)

  1. Call all new volunteers and members to engage people into action and to encourage volunteers to join as members. Encourage new members to join Loomio.
  2. Develop tabling kits and literature, etc. for volunteers to do outreach.
  3. Organize periodic state-wide and/or regional Zoom calls on topics of interest to volunteers, including campaign support.
  4. Coordinate Eblasts, texts, and phone calls on behalf of the State Party.

Membership & Income (30%)

  1. Call GPWA supporters and create automations in NB to increase membership and income from membership, including converting non-members to members and increasing the level of dues paid by individual members. 
  2. Provide follow-up for calls made by Contract Fundraiser. 

Candidate Recruitment and Campaign Support (30%)  

  1. Serve as a liaison for Green Party candidates by engaging Green Party members and volunteers to become involved. 
  2. Recruit new candidates and develop a Green Party recruitment webpage.
  3. Social media outreach to support candidates and engage volunteers.


To apply:

Send your letter of interest, qualifications, and references to

Green Party Platform

The Green Party Calls for Candidates for Statewide Office

GPWA would like to run statewide candidates in 2024!

Are you someone who might be up to this task, either as a candidate or a campaign support volunteer?

–> Keep reading and if you see yourself as a potential candidate for any of these positions, please download and complete our Candidate Questionnaire so that we may consider supporting your campaign:

Word version | PDF version

Also, if you would like to volunteer to support a Green Party campaign, please let us know!

Content provided by Noah Martin, South Sound Greens

There are multiple statewide executive positions up for election in 2024. I have listed most of them here. I particularly believe that GPWA would benefit from running someone for Commissioner of Public Lands since it is a position that “fits” the Greens’ mission very well and the Democrats who often run are “Green capitalists” from King County who have little appeal in places where the Commissioner of Public Lands’ actions are felt the most like Eastern and Southwestern Washington. In addition, it has direct translatable experience for a race for a local conservation district, which is among the most winnable nonpartisan local races for Greens.

Benefits of running a statewide campaign

Supporting a statewide candidate has several benefits for the state party:

  • Raising key state-level issues that might not otherwise be mentioned in the race
  • Linking the party to those state-level issues and leveraging them to grow the party
  • “Filling out” the ballot so Greens are not just a top-heavy ticket with a presidential candidate, but are shown to have a real presence in the state
  • Building out GPWA’s statewide campaign infrastructure so it can better compete in local races
  • Researching policy positions, creating messaging, and collecting voter data that can be built on in follow-up local campaigns.
  • Allowing a candidate to build name recognition and a statewide fundraising network before running for local office

Offices up for Election in 2024

Due to limited capacity, GPWA may decide to focus on a single statewide office. However, several statewide offices can have a watershed effect on down-ballot races or leverage a particular issue.

Governor — This is the primary executive of Washington State, and it touches pretty much every state-level issue. This would be a particularly good position if someone wants to raise issues that have more to do with the legislature and/or the governor’s legislative priorities, or if there are issues that the Democratic administration needs to be pushed on.

Good qualifying professions: Administrative positions of various stripes, lawyers, workers… Almost any profession can make a case for Governor if the messaging is done right.

Possible Issues: Legislative dysfunction, dam removal, dirty energy, carbon fees, ecosocialism

Local Races that Benefit: Most of them, particularly legislative races

Superintendent of Public Instruction — The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction is one of the largest executive departments of Washington State and oversees the execution of education policy. Maintaining education is THE fundamental constitutional duty of the State of Washington, and our current legislators have been making a mess of it. Much of the game of chicken in the legislature every year is around the education budget, which means this position could be a great opportunity to discuss the budget, charter schools, curriculum, child poverty, and other pressing issues in WA.

Good qualifying professions: Teacher, school administrator, childcare worker, pediatrician, artist, school bus driver, and other professions that work directly with children

Possible Issues: Budget, charter schools, curriculum, education conditions, child poverty

Local Races that Benefit: School boards

Secretary of State — The Secretary of State’s primary role in WA is to oversee elections. This is a great position for people with election or administrative experience in general, especially in a high-paced environment.

Good qualifying professions: Election worker, campaign manager, programmer, auditor, public administrator

Possible Issues: Voting reform, election technology, transparency

Local Races that Benefit: All of them, particularly partisan races like County Auditor

Commissioner of Public Lands — The Commissioner of Public Lands is an increasingly important position that is charged with overseeing both the state’s relationships with extractive industries like fishing, logging, and farming and the state’s management of state parks, conservation efforts, and forest fires.

Good qualifying professions: Biologist, ecologist, farmworker, firefighter, fisherperson, park ranger, emergency management, surveyor

Possible Issues: Effects of climate change like forest fires, pesticide use, land use, and other ecological issues

Local Races that Benefit: Conservation District boards

Auditor — The State Auditor is charged with overseeing efforts for government transparency and accountability at the state, county, and local levels. This is constitutionally supposed to be the most “independent” position, which makes it a good office for a third party to run for “to keep the fox from guarding the henhouse,” so to speak. Independents tend to perform better in running for this position.

Good qualifying professions: Financial analyst, ombuds, journalist, human resources, lawyer, accountant

Possible Issues: Government transparency (particularly Senate Bill 6617 and its subsequent iterations), corruption, partisanship

Local Races that Benefit: All of them, particularly County Assessors and County Auditors

Treasurer — The chief financial officer of the state of Washington.

Good qualifying professions: Accountant, financial planner, actuary, financial sector worker

Possible Issues: Taxes, the budget, public banking

Local Races That Benefit: City Council and legislative races, County Assessors

Insurance Commissioner — Oversees the insurance industry.

Good qualifying professions: Consumer advocate, insurance agent, accountant, actuary

Possible Issues: Insurance regulation

Local Races That Benefit: City Council and legislative races, County Assessors

Link to the Washington Secretary of State for a list of 2024 State Offices Open for Election:

–> If you are interested in running for office with the Green Party, please download and complete our Candidate Questionnaire:

Word version | PDF version

If you would like to volunteer to support a Green Party campaign, please let us know!

Want to run for Congress?

You probably heard that Derek Kilmer in WA-06 is not seeking re-election. The Green Party of Washington is looking for a Green Party candidate to run for that seat next year!

Across our country, we need thousands of Green Party candidates to challenge the two corporate parties. This will be a great time for Green Party members to learn the art of running for office.

People are tired of politicians who work for their corporate donors rather than their constituents. We are asking you to come forward now to give your community the choice to vote for a real public servant who won’t sell them out.

You don’t need campaign experience, you just need to be committed to standing up to the corporate greed that has poisoned American democracy. Give your community the opportunity to vote for a corporate-free candidate.

Stand up as a champion for People, Planet, and Peace Over Profit by running as a Green candidate in 2024!

Check out our “Run for Office” page for more information: Run for Office – Green Party of Washington (


End the war on Gaza

Please sign up for Jason’s emails, follow Jason on social media, and consider becoming a volunteer with Jason’s campaign.

In solidarity,
Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council

From Jason —

ImageWe are now one month into Israel’s unrelenting bombardment of Gaza. Over 10,000 Palestinians are dead. More are missing under the rubble. Nearly half of them are children.

More children have been killed in Gaza than the number killed in all armed conflicts globally over an entire year – for the last three years.

And it’s happening on our watch. With our tax dollars.

I know that some of you may have differing opinions or feelings about what’s happening in Gaza right now. I’m going to speak from my decades of experience organizing for peace, studying global conflict, and working in solidarity with liberation movements.

We are witnessing a genocide play out on Twitter and TikTok with the full, unconditional support of the United States government.

I could talk about how this all began 75 years ago with the Palestine War and the Nakba (“the disaster”) when 700,000 Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands to form the nation now known as Israel.

I could talk about how the Western world, led by the United States, has empowered an increasingly fascistic, right-wing government in Israel to force 2.2 million Palestinians – half of them children – into an open-air prison the world knows as the Gaza Strip for the last 18 years.

I could talk about how Israel is, by every single academic and legal definition, acting as an apartheid state. Or how Netanyahu’s government has clearly stated they are intentionally engaging in ethnic cleansing and genocide with the current bombing campaign.

But what I most want to say is this: It’s not complicated.

For years we have been conditioned by Western politicians and mainstream media to believe that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people is “complicated”. That it’s “nuanced”. That it’s been going on for “thousands of years”. All of that is a lie.

There is nothing nuanced about genocide. You are either against genocide, or you are not. And if you are waffling in the gray area, your actions are supporting genocide. It really is that simple.

The rhetoric of nuance is designed to turn our gaze away from the reality of what is happening now – that a child has been murdered every 10 minutes for the past month in Gaza.

THIS is who we are bombing, and yes I say WE because America is supplying the military aid and international credibility that enables this:

I know these images are harsh, but these are far from the worst we’ve seen. I thought long and hard before sharing these photos. But we need to see their faces. Because it’s OUR money and OUR political power sanctioning Netanyahu’s genocide.

In my 30+ years as an anti-war activist, I have never been as horrified or enraged as I have been in the last month.

But in a strange way, I have also found a renewed source of hope. Because millions of people across the US and the world are horrified, too. And we are rising up to demand a ceasefire.

We cannot allow these war crimes to continue. You and I have a duty right now to make our representatives hear us and demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to Israel’s occupation.

Rep. Cori Bush introduced a resolution nearly three weeks ago demanding an immediate ceasefire. There are 18 co-sponsors – only one of them is here in Washington state.

Hundreds of Congressional staffers have signed a letter urging their bosses to support a ceasefire. Hundreds of former campaign staffers for both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden’s presidential races have done the same.

A prominent member of the State Department has resigned in protest of the Administration’s current posture on Israel and refusal to back a ceasefire. Hundreds more are joining in documenting their dissent with internal cables designed to sound the alarm.

Incredibly courageous Jewish Americans are standing up to defend the people of Gaza and demand a ceasefire.

We are not alone. This is an inflection point for the world. History will be the judge someday, but we don’t have to wait for history to know what we have to do.

Nothing…absolutely nothing…can be said that will justify the horrors of what the Israeli government is perpetuating in Gaza right now. It has to end. We have to make it end.

If you are able, I encourage you to join a protest in your area. You need to know that there are many who feel the weight of this horror just as you do. You need to add your voice to the call.

I also ask that you join me in making a contribution to Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF, two organizations on the front lines in Gaza right now that urgently need our support.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders 

      Donate to UNICEF     

History will judge those who enabled this genocide, but the people of Palestine don’t have the luxury of waiting for that verdict. In the time it has taken you to read this, another child has already been killed in Gaza.

We can stop this. We have to stop this. As a lifelong anti-war activist, ending this genocide is my only priority right now. And we will not stop until Palestine is free.

Solidarity forever,


Jason Call is a former public school teacher and lifelong climate activist running for Congress in WA-02. If elected, he will be the first member of the Green Party to serve in federal office. Learn more at

You can follow Jason’s campaign at the links below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Thank you!

Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council

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Photograph by Mahmud Hamsonit Hamsonit

Statement on Gaza War

The Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX) urges that Green Party supporters participate in the wave of worldwide mass protests against the US-Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere.

Our main concern is US military and diplomatic participation in the war and in the criminal siege and bombardment that have already killed thousands in Gaza, wounded tens of thousands, and left a million homeless.

GPAX calls for ending the supply of weapons and financing to Israel; withdrawing US military assets from the region; and ending US war threats. The U.S. must also become constructively engaged in diplomatic efforts to resolve this persistent threat to world peace.

We support the widespread calls by UN officials and member countries, trade unionists, and others for a ceasefire, provision of humanitarian aid, the release of detained people, and long-term solutions based on justice and equality. We urge the Green Party and state parties to work with others for all these goals.

We believe that the recent meeting of President Joe Biden with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, combined with US unconditional support for the Israelis, will inflame the region even further. Without taking the steps we propose, the death and destruction will continue. Our goal is peace, but a peace accompanied by justice for all people of this region.

Jason Call for Congress Town Hall

Join us on Sunday, October 15th at 4pm PT / 7pm ET for a Town Hall conversation with Washington State Green Party Congressional candidate Jason Call

The Green Party of Washington is excited to introduce Jason to a national audience!

Jason is a lifelong progressive activist on issues ranging from healthcare to education to peace action to climate action. He is a former high school math teacher of almost two decades and was elected to the board of his local Education Association for a number of years. He has been active in ballot initiative efforts over the last decade, including I-502 which legalized cannabis in Washington (first in the nation), I-1433 which gave Washington the highest minimum wage in the country, and I-735 which saw Washington become the 18th State to support the movement to Amend the Constitution and overturn Citizens United. Jason has served for 5 years on the board of Whole Washington (, one of the strongest state-based single-payer organizations in the country.

Jason has run for the WA-02 Congressional seat twice before and came in a close 3rd place both times in the ‘Top Two’ primary. A 2nd place finish would put Jason through to the general election against the corporate-funded incumbent, an outcome that is eminently winnable.

Jason’s website is detailed, with in-depth policy positions, gold star opposition research on the incumbent (a fossil fuel and war machine-backed Democrat seeking his 13th term), media spots, press releases, and op-eds from prior races, and also explains why Jason left the Democrats to join the Green Party.

This race is a real opportunity, with the potential to see the first Green member of Congress!

We look forward to this online event, and we encourage you to come and meet this engaging, knowledgeable, and experienced candidate!

Follow Jason:

Website | Facebook | X (Twitter) | Instagram  | TikTok | Bluesky | YouTube

In solidarity,

Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council

Follow us: X (Twitter)Bluesky, and Facebook

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“Everything working people have ever won, we’ve won together.”

Please sign up for Jason’s emails, follow Jason on social media, and donate what you can to help share Jason’s message with more supporters.

Every donation builds this campaign to elect our first Green to Congress!

In solidarity,
Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council

From Jason —


I couldn’t have said it any better than this:

An animated gif of a video clip of UAW President Shawn Fain addressing his union members and the public at the start of their historic Stand Up Strike, in which he says: “Everything working people have ever won, we’ve won together.”

When analysts told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the UAW’s demands were going to “wreck the economy,” UAW president Shawn Fain fired back:

“In the last decade, they made a quarter of a trillion dollars in profits. It’s not that we’re going to wreck the economy. We’re going to wreck their economy, the one that works for the billionaire class. It doesn’t work for the working class.”

The best part is the innovative nature of this strike. UAW just rolled out a whole new method of organizing that’s designed to thwart strikebreakers and block union-busting.

Rather than a mass walk-off from the job, UAW is mobilizing different locals at random, so the bosses never know when or where the strike is coming.

And judging by the public’s response to the UAW strike (which has INCREASED in the last week), we’re headed straight from a Hot Labor Summer to a Burn It All Fall?✊

Workers all across the country are demanding their fair share, because this upside down world where CEOs take home 400x the wages of workers on the line cannot continue. It is GOING to collapse, or we’re going to have to tear it down and build something sustainable.

As a lifelong activist and organizer, and a former elected union rep, I stand in solidarity with the UAW, as well as the ongoing WGA, SAG-AFTRA strike – and the impending nurses’ strike right here in my district at Providence Everett. I will stay by their side until they receive a fair contract, as every worker SHOULD.

But my opponent in this race, a former lobbyist who’s held this seat for 22 years, has repeatedly betrayed striking workers in favor of his wealthy corporate donors.

WA-02 deserves a representative who will always have labor’s back. Can you donate $25, $50, or $100 today to help me win this seat in 2024?

As a public school teacher, I proudly served as an elected union leader at the local and state level for years. In my first year in the Representative Assembly of the Washington Education Association, I wrote, submitted, and passed a resolution rejecting the idea that corporations are people.

While I’m no longer a teacher or a member of the WEA, I’ve never stopped showing up for workers.

While Rick Larsen was dodging questions about a certain coffee shop chain, I joined a group of labor organizers touring Starbucks locations in WA-02 to let workers know – if they decided to unionize – their community had their back. Weeks later, they did.

A photo of Jason Call and several labor organizers holding pro-union signs from Starbucks Worker Solidarity outside of a Starbucks store in Washington’s 2nd congressional district.
Solidarity is a verb, and I’ve got years of receipts.When I win, I’ve pledged to donate 30% of my post-tax congressional salary to strike funds, and every labor organizer I’ve worked with in Washington State knows they can take that promise to the bank.

You can’t stand with labor when you’re on the payroll of the bosses. That’s why I’ve never taken a dime from corporate PACs or lobbyists – and I never will.

I’ve run for this seat before, and we came very close to getting into the general election both times.

With Washington’s Top Two, non-partisan primary, this VERY progressive district is the Green Party’s BEST chance to get a member elected to Congress in 2024.

But only if we build the kind of solidarity we’re seeing behind all the strikes happening across this country right now.

Like Shawn said, “Everything working people have ever won, we’ve won together.”

Solidarity is the only way. And I hope you’ll join me in the fight.

Jason Call

Jason Call is a former public school teacher and lifelong climate activist running for Congress in WA-02. If elected, he will be the first member of the Green Party to serve in federal office. Learn more at and donate today to help us make history! 

You can follow Jason’s campaign at the links below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Thank you!
Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council

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