Primarily Disappointed by Matthew Villata

This is my first year as a member of the Green Party. I am excited to work towards environmental and electoral reform in Washington State and beyond. I write today because I need the help of anyone and everyone who reads. Recently, Washington State held primary elections for a plethora of positions. I was disappointed to find a lack of green and third-party candidates for the Washington State House. That is not to say that there were not any, but there were far from enough. That is the question I need help answering; why is this case? The times we find ourselves in are turbulent, but there is an opportunity to seize. There are Greens across Washington State who are ready and willing to challenge the big two-party structure. Where are they during the primary and how can the Green Party of Washington State better equip these individuals? State House elections are smaller than national contests and are less awash in endless swarms of donor dollars. They are prime targets to insert Green hopefuls into.

As a member of the coordinating council, it is my hope to look further into the best possible methods to make Democrats and Republicans sweat during state elections and start building Green Power in a way that will allow the massive systematic maintenance the country requires. I welcome and request all input to this end. I am curious to learn party members’ perspective on what can be done to provide and equip Green Candidates when the opportunity arrives again in two years’ time to win these contestable elections that are so often neglected in the minds of voters. It is my firm belief that the Green Party of Washington can in the course of two years, win such elections. It is only a question of research, development, and deployment. I look forward to sharpening my ideas against off your own.

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  1. With this probably being Jay Inslee’s last term as Governor I would love to see the Green Party run a candidate in 2024! And yes it is a pity that we greens don’t have a larger number of candidates running for local offices.
    I have always felt that the Green Party of Washington is in a very unique state where we could run initiatives and get voters used to seeing and perhaps voting for causes that we believe in. And hopefully increase our membership numbers by getting voters more used to seeing a Green Party sponsored initiative that would directly benefit them!

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