Support Chanan Suarez for Bellingham City Council!

Chanan Suarez is running for Bellingham City Council Ward 5, a non-partisan office. Chanan is a former Green Party member and served on the GPWA Coordinating Council for a time. He is endorsed by the Green Party of Whatcom County, and we are supporting him as a Green Party of Washington State preferred candidate.

Read Chanan’s campaign platform here.

Although Chanan is not now a Green and is not running as a Green, his campaign is an opportunity to develop our Green statewide Campaign Support System.

If you are interested in making use of Chanan’s campaign to hone your skills for use in future races by Greens in your area, please contact his campaign at (360) 480-5321 or email him at

There are several aspects of campaigning that can be done remotely, so your physical distance from Bellingham is not necessarily a problem. When you contact the campaign, be sure to let them know you are a Green Party volunteer!