Start Your Green Party Volunteer Career

By Bill Walker

I can’t think of too many things that George W. Bush said or did during his years as president that I agreed with. In fact, as I think about it, I can think of only one thing that truly made sense to me. During one of his speeches, he called on every American to try and contribute two thousand hours of volunteer work for the betterment of all during their lifetime. One has to wonder if he himself has even attempted to achieve this goal but that’s a different story.Continue reading

Housing and Decentralizing Power

By Kevin Patrick Fitzgerald

I see three bills on the floor presently in Olympia regarding housing. Jay Inslee proposes a large-scale affordable housing construction program; also funding assistance for people with addiction and other behavioral health diseases. Patty Kuderer proposes expanding a tax break incentive program to facilitate access to affordable housing for low-income families. Peter Abbarno spoke of an upcoming proposal to lower property taxes and loosen restrictions on population density, which can allow for larger apartment buildings with smaller apartments.

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