Dear Green Party Members and Supporters, Now, more than ever, America needs the Green Party. Nationally, the Democrats continue their strategy of pandering to big donors and moving to the right to try to win back Obama voters who voted for Trump. Trying to change the Democrats from the ground […]

The Green Party needs YOU!

A federal judge has ruled against the Commission on Presidential Debates and the FEC for enforcing rules that served to prevent a third voice in the presidential debates. Note: this article is reposted from The Independent Voter Network (IVN). For the original article, see: In a surprising decision, Judge Tanya […]

Federal Judge Rules Against Presidential Debate Commission

UPDATE: A recording of this Webinar may be viewed at: An archive of this and other how-to webinars by the GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee can be found here:   Interested in running Green in 2017 or 2018? The Green Party will host a webinar for all declared candidates, those […]

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The 2016 general election has left many of us deeply shaken. We are more aware than ever that the entire US elections process does not represent all of our voices; from state caucuses, to primaries, to debate and ballot access, and to voting methods. And now to witness the egregious […]

Stein Recount Support Statement

Do you have a Wells Fargo bank account? Would you be willing to close it to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock?The rejection of the drilling permit required to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline was a huge victory — but this fight is not over yet. Following the Army Corps […]

#DefundDAPL & Stand with Standing Rock!

Washington is the only state in which a law enforcement officer can be prosecuted for use of deadly force only if malice (evil intent) can be proven. I-873 would eliminate this consideration when determining whether an officer committed justifiable use of deadly force. Ready to work on this? The Green Party of […]

Call to Action on I-873 Signature Gathering!

Now that the dust is settling around the presidential election, it’s become apparent that the Green vote – and Green issues – gained a lot of ground this year. In short, our movement scored several victories! Ballot Access – We maintained ballot lines in 12 states thanks to voters casting […]

Celebrate our Green Victories!

Stein/Baraka Campaign Calls for Immediate Resistance to Trump and the Failed Two-Party System FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 9, 2016 The Stein/Baraka campaign calls for sustained and organized resistance to president-elect Donald Trump and the rise of right-wing extremism in the United States. The campaign expresses solidarity and empathy with […]

Resist Trump and the Failed Two-Party System!