Electric Cars and Charging Stations by William Walker

I have a feeling that most people are like me when they consider buying a new electric car. They really want to do their part in removing fossil fuel and its multiple harmful pollutants from the atmosphere but running a battery dead is a bit different than running out of gas.

The reason of course is because charging stations in many parts of the country are still far and few between. Another big reason is because many people use their cars for vacation traveling and long weekends. On the vacation issue, electric car manufacturers and dealers could easily solve this problem.

Let’s face it electric cars are expensive, but I don’t see any reason why dealers and car companies can’t reasonably build the cost of a rental car, of say fourteen days a year for three or four years, into the cost of buying an electric vehicle. And let the car buyer use those rental days in any way that he or she likes. If I wanted to take a few long weekends over the course of a year, fine, or use all two weeks at one time for a longer vacation, also fine.

This would take a huge amount of stress out of people’s minds that would rather own an electric car than a gas-powered car. It would also give the country a few more years to start adding charging stations wherever they were most needed. And most importantly for people who go electric it would take their greenhouse polluting machines off the roads fifty weeks of the year. And it would also be a business boom for rental car companies to boot.

OK, car manufacturers and dealers, this is a pretty simple and fairly cheap fix, and our atmosphere desperately needs it. And remember, if you’re purchasing an electric car soon there is no reason why you can’t ask the dealer to make this a part of the purchase agreement. Even if they refuse to do this perhaps you can convince them to knock off five hundred or a thousand dollars from the price instead!

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  1. Just an FYI: Every RV campground has the proper 50 amp charging receptacle for a 2 hour recharge from dead.

  2. Hi Scott, a couple of things here to think about. One, do people really want to go out of there way to find a camp ground to charge there car? And two, if a lot of people do start buying electric cars are they really going to want to chance sitting in line to charge at a campground?
    Your suggestion is great for people who are already planning to go to a campground for a vacation otherwise!

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