The Green Party needs YOU!

Dear Green Party Members and Supporters,

Now, more than ever, America needs the Green Party. Nationally, the Democrats continue their strategy of pandering to big donors and moving to the right to try to win back Obama voters who voted for Trump. Trying to change the Democrats from the ground up is likely a hopeless endeavor. The Green Party offers real hope and a real choice.

The Greens are a political party, unlike all the myriad other progressive organizations in Washington. This means we are positioned to run candidates – candidates who are not taking money from special interests, and who promise to govern using the Ten Key Values as a guide. If you believe in a better, more progressive America, the Greens are your party. You already know this.  But we cannot deliver real gains until we elect Greens to office, where they can have the power to create a better future.

We must have good candidates to run for elected offices. Who is a good candidate? It could be YOU. If you find yourself frustrated with local politics, and think you could do a better job, then why not consider running for office as a Green? GPWA has experience in what it takes to run a successful campaign, and we can help. You do not necessarily need experience in government – only a willingness to learn. There are a number of races around the state where local candidates are re-elected with no opponent. You could offer a more progressive choice to the electorate.

Another way you can help advance the Green agenda is to volunteer to work on Green campaigns. The Green Party endorses Green candidates, or grants preferred status to non-Green candidates who agree with much of the Green agenda. By volunteering, you will gain inside knowledge of not only how a campaign works, but what the candidate is really like. Volunteering is a great way to learn what it takes to be a candidate, and if your candidate wins, you may have more influence over what happens in your district or city.

Here’s a list of offices statewide that are open for election in 2017:

We hope that you will join us and promote electoral activism. Please send an email to describing in a short paragraph what you would like to do, and we can connect you with campaign volunteers or get you started as a Green candidate.

To be considered for GPWA endorsement or preferred candidate status, please complete our candidate questionnaire.

The Campaign Committee
Green Party of Washington State