GPWA Officers, Delegates, and State Candidates Election Results

Green Party of Washington Coordinating Council Election

Total votes = 43

Seats to be filled = 5

Quota = 43/(5+1) = 7.17 = 8 votes (18.6%)

Round 1:

Alice Green– 8 (18.6%)

Charles Law – 6 (14.0%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 7 (16.3%)

Margaret Elisabeth – 4 (9.3%)

Noah Martin – 16 (37.2%)

Richard Redick – 2  (4.6%)

Noah Martin and Alice Green are elected. Noah Martin’s weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 2:

Charles Law – 8 (18.6%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 9 (20.9%)

Margaret Elisabeth – 5 (11.6%)

Richard Redick  – 4 (9.3%)

Herb Camet, Jr. and Charles Law are elected. Herb Camet, Jr’s weighted surplus votes reallocated. 

Round 3:

Margaret Elisabeth – 5.9 (13.7%)

Richard Redick – 4 (9.3%)

Richard Redick is eliminated.

Margaret Elisabeth is awarded the final seat.

Elected members of the coordinating council: Noah Martin, Alice Green, Herb Camet, Jr., Charles Law, and Margaret Elisabeth.

GPWA Treasurer Election

Total votes = 42

Scott Thompson – 42 votes (100%)

Scott Thompson is elected unanimously.

GPWA Deputy Treasurer Election

Total votes = 40

Lisa Canar – 40 votes (100%)

Lisa Canar is elected unanimously.

GPUS Delegates Election

Total votes = 42

Seats to be filled = 2

Quota = 43/(2+1) = 14.33 = 15 votes

Round 1:

Noah Martin – 26 (61.9%)

Kyle Taylor Lucas – 16 (38.1%)

Noah Martin and Kyle Taylor Lucas are elected GPUS Delegates.

GPUS Alternate Delegates Election

Total votes = 41

Seats to be filled = 2

Quota = 41/(2+1) = 13.67 = 14 votes (34.1%)

Round 1:

Colin Bartlett – 20 (48.8%)

Frank Lockwood – 6 (14.6%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 8 (19.5%)

Nina Manuel – 7 (17.1%)

Colin Bartlett is elected and weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 2:

Frank Lockwood – 7.5 (18.3%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 9.2 (22.4%)

Nina Manuel – 9.4 (22.9%)

Frank Lockwood is eliminated and his votes reallocated. One ballot exhausted.

Round 3:

Herb Camet, Jr. – 12.4 (30.2%)

Nina Manuel -12.7 (30.9%)

Herb Camet, Jr. is eliminated.

Colin Bartlett and Nina Manual are elected GPUS Alternate Delegates.

GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates Election

Total votes = 40

Seats to be filled = 10

Quota = 40/(10+1) = 3.64 = 4 votes

Round 1:

CJ Sellers – 4 (10%)

Colin Bartlett – 5 (12.5%)

Herb Camet, Jr. – 6 (15%)

Jody Grage – 5 (12.5%)

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1 (2.5%)

Kyle Taylor Lucas – 5 (1.25%)

Lisa Canar – 4 (10%)

Nina Manuel – 7.5%)

Noah Martin – 4 (10%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1 (2.5%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5%)

Colin Bartlett, Herb Camet, Jr., Jody Grage, and Kyle Taylor Lucas are elected PNC Delegates.

CJ Sellers wins the tiebreaker against Lisa Canar and Noah Martin and is elected the final PNC Delegate.

Lisa Canar and Noah Martin are elected Alternate PNC Delegates.

Herb Camet, Jr’ weighted surplus votes are reallocated.

Round 2:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1.3 (3.3%)

Nina Manuel – 3.6 (9.2%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.3 (3.3%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5.0%)

CJ Sellers weighted surplus votes are allocated. 

Round 3:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1.9 (4.8%)

Nina Manuel – 3.9 (9.7%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.3 (3.3%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5.0%)

Kyle Taylor Lucas weighted surplus votes allocated.

Round 4:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 1.9 (4.8%)

Nina Manuel – 4.3 (10.7%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.7 (4.3%)

Richard Redick – 2 (5.0%)

Nina Manuel is elected Alternate Delegate.

Jody Grage weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 5:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 2.3 (5.8%)

Phoenix Wendt – 1.9 (4.8%)

Richard Redick – 2.4 (6.0%)

Colin Bartlett weighted surplus votes reallocated.

Round 6:

Jonathan Betz-Zall – 2.6 (6.6%)

Phoenix Wendt – 2.1 (5.3%)

Richard Redick – 2.6 (6.5%)

Phoenix Wendt is eliminated.

GPUS Presidential Convention Delegates:

  1. Herb Camet, Jr.
  2. Kyle Taylor Lucas
  3. Jody Grage
  4. Colin Bartlett
  5. CJ Sellers

GPUS Presidential Convention Alternate Delegates:

  1. Noah Martin
  2. Lisa Canar
  3. Nina Manuel
  4. Jonathan Betz-Zall
  5. Richard Redick

Granting David Spring “Preferred” Status for Superintendent of Public Instruction (Nonpartisan position)

Total votes = 49

13 abstentions

75% quota required

0.75 x (49-13) = 27 votes needed

Yes – 24

No – 12

Abstain – 13

Does not pass.

Presidential Primary Election Results

Green Party of Washington – 2020 Election Results

The votes are in! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Total number of GPWA members voting = 67

Delegate Quota = 67 / (5+1) = 11.17 = 12 votes (17.9%)

Since Washington State has only 5 delegates to award, a candidate needs to receive at least 12 votes (17.9%) to be awarded one delegate.

Round 1 – Initial vote for presidential candidates:

Dario Hunter – 28 (41.8%)

Howie Hawkins – 27 (40.3%)

Jesse Ventura – 9 (13.4%)

Mark Charles – 1 (1.5%)

Vermin Supreme – 1 (1.5%)

Jill Stein – 1 (1.5%)

Round 2 – Mark Charles, Vermin Supreme, and Jill Stein are eliminated and their votes reallocated:

Dario Hunter – 30 (44.8%)

Howie Hawkins – 28 (41.8%)

Jesse Ventura – 9 (13.4%)

Round 3 – Jesse Ventura is eliminated and his votes reallocated [2 ballots exhausted]:

Dario Hunter = 36 (55.4%)

Howie Hawkins = 29 (44.6%)


The following table shows the final primary results:

Vote Percent
Delegate Count
Dario Hunter
3 Delegates
Howie Hawkins
2 Delegates


Green Party Ballot Access – 2020

Help us gather signatures to get our candidates for President and Vice President — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — on the General Election Ballot!

The Green Party of Washington State is holding an online ‘Nominating Convention’ to select electors and to nominate our candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. We are meeting daily from 7-8 PM, beginning on Thursday June 25, 2020 and continuing through Saturday July 25, 2020.

During our online meeting sessions we will select our Washington State electors and gather the required 1,000+ signatures from Washington voters to place our Green Party candidates for President and Vice President — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — on the November General Election ballot.

We need your help to gather signatures from registered voters in Washington State!

–> Download and print the Green Party Nominating Petition here

Print out this Nominating Petition on standard white paper, single sided. All signatures must be gathered and submitted on the original paper petition forms. We are not allowed to submit photocopies, scanned copies, faxed copies, or electronic copies of the petition forms. Signatures must be provided with pen on paper. Digital or digitized signatures will not be accepted.

Full names, signatures, and mailing addresses must match the Secretary of State voter registration records. Only valid signatures from people registered to vote in Washington State will be counted.

All signatures must be collected by July 25, 2020!

Send your printed and completed petition forms to –> 

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle, WA 98127

Please mail your completed petition forms to us postmarked by Monday July 27th, at the latest. 

You may also coordinate with your local Green Party chapter to assist with return of completed petition forms. Please email us at with any questions about signing the petition or to request that a Green Party volunteer pick up your completed petition form if you are unable to mail it to us.

Green Party supporters who wish to participate and to gather petition signatures are welcome to attend any or all sessions of our online ‘Nominating Convention’ — June 25 – July 25, 2020.

To attend our Nominating Convention, contact your local Green Party chapter or send an email to with the Subject line: ‘Nominating Convention‘, and we will respond with the online meeting link for you to attend.



Do you think democracy would be better served if there were more choices on the ballot? [Yes, of course!]

–> If so, then please sign our petition.

When do we know who the Green Party Presidential nominees are?

–> The Green Party nominees for President and Vice President are Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker were selected as the Green Party nominees at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention on July 11, 2020.

Why is the Washington State ‘Nominating Convention’ so long?

–> ‘Convention’ in this case refers to a longer time span and larger area (‘Seattle – online convention’) than the usual definition to comply with the need to maintain social distancing.  During the convention dates, the Green Party of Washington will host a daily online meeting at 7 pm.

How can someone attend the Green Party ‘Nominating Convention’?

–> Signers of the petition must attest that, “I personally attended a nominating convention” and write in the date. The Green Party is required to hold a “nominating convention” by law. This “nominating convention” is ongoing, and is essentially the activity of gathering petition signatures for ballot access. Thus, when one signs the petition, they are “attending” the convention. In other words, supporters may sign the petition with the intent that they are participating (“attending”) just by signing. All supporters are also welcome (but not required) to join us during any session of our online nominating convention (June 25 – July 25, at 7 pm). To attend an online session, please ask your local Green Party chapter or send us an email (see above).

What does it mean to “support” the nominees?

–> The petition states, “I support with my signature the nominees listed above”. This can be interpreted to mean, “I support listing the Green Party nominees on the ballot”. There is no need for anyone to promise a vote for the candidates when signing the petition.

Can a person register to vote the same date they sign the petition?

–> YES. You may register to vote online at or print a voter registration form here: If you complete the voter registration form on paper, send it by postal mail to your county elections office (address provided on the form).

Can I sign the Green Party nominating petition if I voted in the Presidential Primary?

–> YES. To clarify, the reference to signing a ‘nominating petition’ pertains only to other nominating PETITIONS, and not to participation in the Washington State Presidential Primary. If you voted in the presidential primary election, you can still sign this petition.

Where can I find more information on the ‘Nominating Convention’ requirements for Washington State?

–> The legal requirements for ‘Minor Party and Independent Presidential Candidates’ are posted at

Direct links to information from the Secretary of State:

Minor Party & Independent Presidential Candidates 

How can I apply to become an Elector?

–> Please download the pledge form, print it out, write in “Green” Party, print your name, sign your name, and mail it to our PO Box address above. If you are selected as one of our designated Green Party electors, your name, mailing address, and signed pledge form will be submitted to the WA Secretary of State. The list of Green Party electors, including names and mailing addresses, is maintained by the Secretary of State as a public record.

How can I get more information?

–> Please email us at with your questions.

Volunteers – click here for a sample script to call Green Party supporters.

Download the Green Party brochure here.

Check out the Hawkins-Walker Campaign Platform here!


GreenLine for June 4, 2020

Click here to view this GreenLine Newsletter on the Green Party of the United States website.

Our country is enduring yet another reckoning with the perpetual nightmare communities of color have suffered under the structural violence of white supremacy.

We are at a painful, fragile juncture: George Floyd was murdered by police in a city governed by a mayor from the Democratic Party, in a state with a governor from the Democratic Party. President Trump, from the Republican Party, has callously demonized and brutalized those calling for justice and is now flirting with martial law.

Meanwhile, presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden’s answer is to “shoot” the “unarmed” in the leg as opposed to the face or heart.

(For years, I have likened the false choice between the parties of War and Wall Street to being forced to choose between a car crash at 55 miles per hour and a car crash at 75 miles per hour: there are differences between the two and yet forcing a person to pick between them is unconscionable. Thank you, Joe Biden, for providing us all with an even more visceral metaphor, preserved forever in the annals of history.)

The critical questions: are the people of this country ready to tackle the systems of oppression presided over by the two Police State Parties? Can the Green Party and our candidates provide leadership at this moment to help dismantle those systems beyond what superficial reforms might be offered by the more “liberal” wing of the police state?

Trahern Crews in Minneapolis

The answer is “possibly — if we organize, fight and win.” One of our National Co-Chairs, Trahern Crews (pictured above on the left) is an organizer in the the Black Lives Matter Minnesota movement. He has been a tireless presence on the frontlines in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, broadcasting live whenever possible both to bear witness to the people’s uprising and as a first measure of defense against further police violence.

We salute Trahern and all Greens representing the Four Pillars in the streets this week, as the police state has repeatedly terrorized peaceful demonstrators. You have our solidarity and support. Make sure to tag the Green Party on Twitter and Facebook with your stories so we can share them with the country.

Michael O’Neil, GreenLine Editor and Green Party Communications Manager



Justice For George Floyd

Green Party US National Black Caucus Demands Accountability, Structural Changes to Save Black and Brown Lives From Police Brutality

On Tuesday, May 25th Officer Derek Chauvin forced his knee on the neck of George Floyd for eight grueling, life-taking minutes until he died — as Officer Tou Thao looked on. Community members were present and recorded the horrific, traumatizing incident that has sparked protest and anger in the Black community across America.

The resident who recorded the event can be repeatedly heard telling the officers to stop — even as Mr. Floyd, himself, can be heard exclaiming that he could not breathe — because they knew they were killing him.



Green Party Convention Saturday July 11 Get Registtered Get Ready Stay Connected

2020 Annual National Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we must hold a virtual convention online.

July 9, 2020 – July 12, 2020
Presidential Nominating Convention: July 11th, Noon-8pm Eastern Time
Registration Now Open

Green Party US is grateful to the Detroit Green Party and Wayne State University, who were originally going to host this year’s convention. They have been gracious partners as we have navigated this unprecedented situation. We look forward to convening in Detroit in a future year.

We are hard at work developing a convention format and tool suite to hold a democratic, deliberative and inspiring event to launch the Green Party’s general election campaign.



Just click on the pic below to order your merchandise today!

GP Accessories

ABC News Logo

In The News: Coronavirus adds to ballot access hurdles for third party candidates

“With this situation being what it is with the COVID-19 has made everything a lot more difficult, because the routes we would normally take in order to get our candidates on the ballot are closed to us because we can’t petition,” Green Party national co-chair Anita Rios told ABC News Thursday.

“We were certainly on path to have 50 state ballot access. We had 35 states coming in at the beginning of the year. We were out petitioning. We were going to make all 50 states, for sure,” said Dan Fishman, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee. “And then, you know, COVID hits, and it’s almost impossible to gather signatures.”

While Fishman was still confident the party would gain ballot access in every state, third-party presidential nominees are up against cumbersome laws that vary state-by-state, and don’t present the same hurdles for Democratic and Republican nominees, who typically enjoy more resources and money from national and state parties.

“There are 50 different sets of laws,” Rios said. “And some of those laws are impossibly hard, and they serve no purpose.”




Lisa For Maine YouTube still
Lisa Savage in her vegetable garden, from her YouTube series of short videos speaking directly to voters.
Lisa For Maine Updates For June 3rd, 2020

May was a big month in Maine for the US Senate campaign of Lisa Savage, running against incumbent Susan Collins under ranked choice voting. We’ve grown our team with two great additions, conducted an art auction fundraiser that attracted supporters from all over the US, and received exciting press coverage including the publication of Lisa’s op-ed in the Portland Press Herald.

Our team’s selection of a campaign manager has been especially exciting. Chris Cayer was a driving force on the successful campaign to win ranked choice voting by referendum and most recently ran the Field department for Maine AllCare, a state-level single payer universal health care initiative. Chris is a great fit for the flagship RCV campaign nationally with a platform that includes expanded Medicare for All and a demilitarized Green New Deal to address the climate crisis.



Jake Tonkel Zoom Livestream Screenshot

Updates From Jake Tonkel For San Jose City Council

Jake broadcast a recent livestream with Alex Lee (candidate for CA Assembly) on being corporate-free.

Jake’s work on The Santa Clara County URG (Unhoused Response Group) team making COVID-19 emergency kits was featured in the cover of this local news coverage.

Jake launched a livestream series, including reports on the San Jose city council and interviews with community leaders and candidates.

And the team started a Senior Check-in Phone Bank, to ensure San Jose area seniors have what they need.

New endorsements:

  • Magdalena Carrasco, San José City Councilmember, District 5
  • Raul Peralez, San José City Councilmember, District 3
  • Sergio Jimenez, San José City Councilmember, District 2
  • Ash Kalra, California State Assemblymember, District 27
  • Sally Lieber, Former California State Assemblymember, District 22
  • Paul Fong, Former California State Assemblymember, District 28
  • Alex Lee, Democratic Candidate for CA State Assembly, District 25

…with some even bigger ones on the way!

Check out a recent campaign e-blast


In The News: Pennsylvania’s minor political parties file lawsuit demanding ballot access

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Leaders of the Libertarian PartyGreen Party and Constitution Party issued a call to action for ballot access Thursday after filing a lawsuit in federal court requesting a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction eliminating the requirement to collect a specified number of signatures on nomination papers to qualify for the general election in November. The motion, filed May 14 in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, names Governor Tom Wolf et al as defendants.

“Given the current situation we have few responsible or effective options,” said Green Party State Treasurer candidate Timothy Runkle in the statement. “We could either (sit) this one out or take it to the courts. “Around one third of our offices will go uncontested in the November election if people cannot meet the restrictive access requirements that are now nearly impossible to reach under the Governor’s order.”




GPNY Statement on the murder of George Floyd and solidarity protests

ALBANY, NY – The Green Party of New York is outraged by the murder of George Floyd by former officer Derek Chauvin while fellow officers menacingly kept distressed and concerned by-standers at bay. The evidence is unequivocal that Chauvin and the other former officers killed Floyd and all of them need to be arrested, charged, and convicted for their crimes. The arrest of Derek Chavuin, while a welcome development, must be followed with the same for the other former officers.

Police murders of black and brown men and women continue with immunity while local, state and Federal politicians either offer ineffective solutions or worse yet are complicit in perpetuating the racist policies that allow these heinous acts to keep happening. The police force in Minneapolis, and across America, is shot through with racism and classism. While holding the offending officers accountable is absolutely necessary, and community control of police is an improvement, in the end the police must be dismantled as part of dismantling racist and classist systems of oppression.



Green Party of CT Statement on the public executions of unarmed black men, women and children nationwide

HARTFORD, Ct – The video-recorded killing of George Floyd by one Minneapolis police officer while other officers participated or stood by and said nothing, and while frightened members of the public tried desperately to intervene on his behalf represents a terrifying new low in the United States. While white millionaires who have engaged in multi-million dollar fraud may spend a little time in country club prisons where their bunkmates are politicians and other well-heeled “white collar” criminals, an African American man was publicly executed without trial, based on the mere allegation that he passed a fake twenty dollar bill.

Many people will think of 2020 as the year of the coronavirus pandemic, but there is another horrific calendar for Black/African Americans and other people of color, on which the execution of George Floyd is just the most recent date marked in blood:



Pacific Green Party nominating convention June 6

EUGENE, OR – The Pacific Green Party (PGP) nominating convention is this weekend. PGP members are invited to participate in choosing our candidates for this year’s election cycle.

Due to COVID19, the Nominating Convention will take place online via Zoom meeting on June 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This year we are also going to have absentee voting online starting June 3 at 8:00 a.m., ending on June 6 at 4:30 p.m.

To take part you must preregister by filling the Nominating Convention Preregistration.

Voters registered Pacific Green for the primary election (i.e, the voter list as of April 28, 2020) are eligible to vote for candidates at the convention. Supporting members who have met the threshold for donations or equivalent volunteer time during the year ending 30 days before the convention may vote on internal party matters.



Green Party of the United States

Primary Ballot for Presidential Nominee and State Officers

To members of the Green Party of Washington State:


IMPORTANT: You may vote and return your ballot via email or postal mail. If you return more than one ballot, only your first ballot will be counted. Once submitted, your vote cannot be changed.

To vote via email, simply reply to the email you received with your choices marked directly on the ballot as indicated below. If you are a GPWA member and did not receive an email or need a new email ballot sent to you, please let us know –>

To vote via postal mail, print your ballot from this page, mark your choices, and send your completed ballot to:

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle WA 98127

If voting via mail, your name in the return address section of the envelope verifies your identity as the voter. Before votes are read, ballots will be separated from the envelopes. You may include as many ballots as there are members at your address.

Ballots must be emailed or postmarked by June 13th, 2020 to be valid.

GPUS Presidential Candidates

Rank your vote for each candidate on the line next to their name: “1” for your first choice, “2” for your second choice, “3” for your third choice, etc.

You may rank any or all choices below, including a write-in vote.

BALLOT – 2020 GPUS Presidential Candidates (alphabetically by last name)

______ Howie Hawkins (

______ Dario Hunter (

______ David Rolde (

______ Write-in ___________________________

Green Party of Washington Candidates

The following positions are up for election for one-year terms:

GPWA Coordinating Council – treasurer, deputy treasurer, and five at-large members

GPUS National Committee – two delegates and two alternates

GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention – five delegates and five alternates

Washington State has five delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention – online July 11th, 2020. On the first round of voting, delegates are bound to vote proportionally in accordance with the votes cast by members of the state Green Party; on any subsequent ballot delegates are free to vote as they wish.

Nominations for all positions were made at our 2020 Spring Gathering on May 23, 2020.

Candidate statements are posted on our website at

In electing the Coordinating Council, National Committee, and Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and alternates, Green Party members should have as their goal the inclusion of differences in as many areas as possible, including but not limited to race, gender, and geography.

GPWA candidates are elected proportionally using the Gregory method of single transferable vote. See our bylaws for more information.

BALLOT – SPRING 2020 GPWA ELECTIONS (alphabetically by first name)

Rank your vote for each candidate on the line next to their name: “1” for your first choice, “2” for your second choice, “3” for your third choice, etc.

Coordinating Council – At-Large Members

Rank up to six choices:

______ Alice Green (King County)

______ Charles Law (Jefferson County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Margaret Elisabeth (King County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

______ Richard Redick (Benton County)

Coordinating Council – Treasurer

Rank one choice:

______ Scott Thompson (Whatcom County)

Coordinating Council – Deputy Treasurer

Rank one choice:

______ Lisa Canar (King County)

Delegates to GPUS

Rank up to two choices:

______ Kyle Taylor Lucas (Thurston County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

Alternates to GPUS

Rank up to four choices:

______ Colin Bartlett (Thurston County)

______ Frank Lockwood (Benton County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Nina Manuel (Yakima County)

Delegates/Alternates to GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention

Rank up to ten choices:

______ C.J. Sellers (King County)

______ Colin Bartlett (Thurston County)

______ Herb Camet, Jr. (King County)

______ Jody Grage (King County)

______ Jonathan Betz-Zall (King County)

______ Kyle Taylor Lucas (Thurston County)

______ Lisa Canar (King County)

______ Nina Manuel (Yakima County)

______ Noah Martin (Thurston County)

______ Phoenix Wendt (Thurston County)


The following candidate for public office has requested Green Party preferred candidate status.

Should the Green Party of Washington State grant preferred candidate status to the following candidate?

David Spring – Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction (  |  Link to Candidate Questionnaire

Mark one choice:

______ Yes

______ No

______ Abstain

If you have any questions about voting in this election, please email us at before submitting your vote.

New members must have joined the Green Party of Washington by April 23, 2020 to participate and vote in our nominating process. Returning members and those whose membership has lapsed must renew their membership by May 23rd to vote.

To join, renew, or check your GPWA membership status, click here.

Green Party Presidential Forum – Videos

Thank you to all who attended our online Spring Gathering!

If you missed the afternoon session with our Green Party presidential and vice-presidential candidates, you may watch the videos here on our new YouTube channel! And remember to ‘Subscribe’ to our channel for video updates!

All votes in the Green Party of Washington Presidential Primary will be cast by Green Party members on a ranked-choice ballot sent out via email (or postal mail) after the Gathering.

Ballots and candidate statements will be emailed (or postal mailed to members without email addresses) within one week after the Spring Gathering, and returned ballots must be sent back (emailed or postmarked) no later than 21 days after the close of the Gathering — i.e., by Saturday June 13th, 2020. Members may choose to return their ballot via email or postal mail.

More information on the 2020 Green Party Presidential candidates.

 🌻 #WeAreGreen #VoteGreen2020 #RankedChoiceVoting 

What next for Bernie supporters?

Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his 2020 campaign…

Where does that leave you? Perhaps you were a volunteer for and/or donated to his campaign. For the second time in four years, Senator Sanders has courageously taken on the full force of the Democratic Party establishment, seeking that party’s nomination for President, and lost. Where does that leave you, the enthusiastic Bernie supporter now that his campaign is suspended?

You were not simply supporting a person. You were part of a cause: Single-payer healthcare, the rights and economic well-being of the working and middle classes, his Green New Deal, stop endless war, and so much more! The Democratic Party establishment pulled everything out of its arsenal to defeat Senator Sanders’ campaign for one reason: It did not like his platform. It was not about him. It was about what he stood for. Now, that Sanders is defeated, it hardly seems likely the party will embrace whole planks of his platform. Oh, sure, the Democratic nominee will make some concessions for the sake of getting votes in the general election, and – once the election is over – it is likely those campaign promises will expire, regardless of who wins.

So, there you are, a progressive who surely cannot vote Republican, and you seem to feel hope drain from you with the very thought of voting for traditional Democrats. The Green Party of Washington has good news for you! You will likely find much in our platform and in our values that seems “right at home” to you. You need not vote Republican in protest, and you need not accept the Democratic nominee as your own. Why vote for either of the major parties when they continually demonstrate they do not value the things important to you? Remember, the current Democratic front-runner told a room full of very wealthy donors last year that if he was elected, nothing would fundamentally change for them. This means “more of the same” neoliberal domestic policy that generates larger wealth and income gaps, and more degradation of Mother Earth. Deep down, we all know that we cannot afford to head in this direction any longer.

As a progressive, you yearn for change, and so do Greens all over the world. Greens are members of the Green Party in their own countries. Additionally, Green refers to an international movement of Green Parties across the globe. Greens seek to act in harmony with the earth – our source of life and vitality – and, thus, bless all of earth’s inhabitants, human and otherwise. Greens take a holistic approach to framing policy. Greens are not interested in soundbites that sell, but in policies that are, in fact, sound and healthy. Please consider the following facets of the Green Party platform in the United States:

  • Green New Deal – Years before the 2019 legislation sponsored by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey, the Green Party was promoting its Green New Deal. It was an official part of Dr. Jill Stein’s presidential campaigns in 2012 & 2016. Green gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins had a Green New Deal in his campaign in 2010. Greens in the United States took inspiration from Greens in Europe who called for their version of a Green New Deal in 2006. So, this idea that we can renew and bless Mother Earth, and by so doing, renew and bless humanity economically has been around for a while. The centerpiece of this bold plan is to transition to 100-percent clean energy by 2030. Here is a video of Dr. Jill Stein explaining in 2016 how the Green New Deal will create jobs – the right kind of jobs.
  • Healthcare – The Green Party supports single-payer universal health care and preventive care for all. We believe that health care is a right, not a privilege.
  • Livable Income – We affirm the importance of access to a livable income, including…
    • A clear living wage standard should serve as a foundation for trade between nations, and a “floor” of guaranteed wage protections and workers’ rights should be negotiated in future trade agreements. The United States should take the lead on this front — and not allow destructive, predatory corporate practices under the guise of “free” international trade.
  • The Four Pillars of the Green Party Platform:
    • Democracy – We demand public financing of elections, open debates, and more representative voting systems.
    • Social Justice – Falling wages and rising bills are hitting most of us, and the most vulnerable are hit the hardest. We demand a living wage and a real safety net.
    • Ecology – The human cost of climate change is too high. We need to get off fossil fuels and on to renewable energy.
    • Peace – Our country’s long wars and worldwide military presence are immoral and unsustainable. Our military budget must be cut dramatically.
  • The Ten Key Values – The Four Pillars are supported by our Ten Key Values. As a progressive, these values of ours are likely already values of yours. We hope that as you read, you will find a home in the Green Party. We welcome you.
    1. Grassroots Democracy
    2. Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
    3. Ecological Wisdom
    4. Non-violence
    5. Decentralization
    6. Community-based Economics
    7. Feminism and Gender Equity
    8. Respect for Diversity
    9. Personal and Global Responsibility
    10. Future Focus and Sustainability

Our platform may be found at:

Learn more and join us! –>

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Green Party Presidential Primary

The Green Party’s presidential primary in Washington State is coming up soon!

Is your Green Party membership up to date?

New members must join the Green Party of Washington by April 23, 2020 to participate in our nominating process for president and down ballot candidates.

Returning members and those whose membership has lapsed can renew their membership any time before our online Spring Gathering on May 23rd.

All votes will be cast by Green Party members on a ranked-choice ballot sent out via email (or postal mail) after the Gathering.

Membership is free for those experiencing economic hardship at this time.

To join the Green Party of Washington or to check if your membership is up-to-date –>

We have no party registration in Washington State. You may vote in the Green Party primary as long as you are a Green Party member in good standing.

Links to candidates websites and questionnaires and the latest campaign news for the 2020 Green Party Presidential candidates.

Unofficial Wikipedia results and pledges to date for the Green Party Presidential primary.

WA Secretary of State regulations on the “convention process” for minor parties presidential nominations, and update regarding initiative and referendum signature gathering during COVID-19.

Proclamation by WA Governor Inslee — ‘Maintaining Access to the Ballot for All Candidates‘ — waives signature gathering requirements for congressional, statewide, and local candidates to appear on the August 4th, 2020 primary ballot.

Note: Governor Inslee’s proclamation does not waive signature gathering requirements for minor party presidential nominees to appear on the General Election ballot.

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Please Support Unist’ot’en Camp!

The Green Party of Washington supports the sovereign Wet’suwet’en Nation whose leaders are opposing all pipelines through their territories. If completed, these pipelines will deliver tar sands oil down the coast of British Columbia through the Puget Sound and on to Asian ports. With all the vessel traffic already in the Sound, the likelihood of a tanker collision or oil spill such as what happened to the Exxon Valdez is extremely high.

The Unist’ot’en Tribe of the region have informed the pipeline company that they have not given free, prior, and informed consent to do work on their land. Therefore, the Green Party of Washington State is standing with the Green Party of Canada and other allies in opposing ALL pipelines that violate indigenous peoples’ rights and sovereignty and are a danger to our collective ecosystem.

The GPWA Coordinating Council has voted to contribute $500 to the Unist’ot’en Camp for legal defense.

We encourage all Green Party members and supporters to add to the contribution for this important cause!

PLEASE DONATE to the Unist’ot’en Camp:

Read the news and recent updates from Unist’ot’en:

In solidarity,

Green Party of Washington

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Donations always appreciated and put to good use!


Green Party Presidential Primary

As a minor party, the Green Party is excluded from the publicly funded Presidential Primary in Washington State. Because we did not get more than 5% of the presidential vote in 2016, we must use our own process to determine our Presidential nominee and choose our Presidential Nominating Convention delegates. We do this by a ballot to our membership right after our Spring Convention (which is set for May 23, 2020).

As you may be aware, on the publicly funded WA State primary ballot this year the major parties are making voters take a pledge, written by each party, that they prefer the Democrats or Republicans and will not participate in the nominating process of any other political party.

This is not a legally binding oath. It is not a registration with the party: we have no party registration in this state. The only actual “Democrats” and “Republicans” by state law are Precinct Committee Officers in each party and other Legislative and Statewide officeholders. Everyone else is a “sustainer” or a “supporter.”

These loyalty pledges on the ballot are an attempt to artificially “close” the major party primaries, and to give the major parties access to temporary data to build their voter lists. There is no expectation of enforcement of pledges except (and this is the key part) by the parties themselves.

For practical reasons the Green Party of Washington has decided it will not enforce loyalty pledges on behalf of the Democrats and Republicans in our presidential nominating process. You aren’t registering with the Democrats or the Republicans if you vote in the Democratic or Republican primary (there is no party registration in WA), and we don’t require a loyalty pledge (other than your Green Party membership in good standing) to vote in our Presidential Primary.

We have learned from a County Auditor that major party ballot pledges are kept for two months, where they are subject to public records requests, after which time they are destroyed. This means that all public record of these loyalty pledges will be destroyed before our Green Party nominating convention begins.

In order to vote in the 2020 Green Party Primary in Washington State, your Green Party membership must be current as of April 23, 2020 (for new members) or by May 23, 2020 (for renewing members).

Click here to make sure your Green Party membership is up-to-date!