Congratulations to our elected Greens!

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates Renata Rollins and E.J. Zita for winning election to Olympia City Council and Port Commission!

Get involved with supporting their work in office today!

For example, check out the activist blockade of fracking supplies at the Port of Olympia:

“For the second time in the past year, Washington activists blocked a train carrying oil fracking supplies from leaving the Port of Olympia on the Salish Sea. The blockade camp prevented a possible shipment of ceramic proppants from being shipped to the Bakken oil shale basin in North Dakota, and possibly other fracking operations….[T]hey are part of a larger regional movement taking responsibility to act in the face of the climate crisis, and using their strong geographical position to literally stand in the way of the fossil fuel industry.”

Blockade of train tracks on November 20, 2017, at 7th and Jefferson streets in downtown Olympia, Washington, to prevent a train carrying oil fracking sands (ceramic proppants) from the Port of Olympia. (Photo; Zoltán Grossman)

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