2018 Starts Now!

The recent wins for Greens and other progressive candidates have been very exciting, and we realize that it is important for us to keep working hard and set our sights on the 2018 elections!

We need some volunteers who would be willing to work on a fundraising committee in order for us to financially support more Green Party candidates in 2018 and develop the infrastructure we need to provide campaign assistance to more endorsed Green candidates and non-Greens who have been given preferred candidate status. We are hoping to have 1-2 volunteers from each local Green Party chapter to assist with this project.

Some ideas for fundraising events we might organize: bicycle rallies, scavenger hunts, rummage sales, auctions, etc. And we are looking for more ideas for fundraising activities. Please get involved and share your ideas!

If you would be interested in helping on this committee please send your info to Kathryn at skyranch12805@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Coordinating Council,
Green Party of Washington

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