Galloping Greens Newsletter – July 2019

Volume 2, Issue 4 – July 2019

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Presidential Candidate Dario Hunter visits Seattle

Green Party presidential candidate Dario Hunter recently visited Seattle on his west coast #BuildingBridges tour. Several activists from the Green Party of Seattle were able to attend and meet this highly talented and articulate candidate, whose platform includes protecting civil rights and workers rights, providing a quality public education — with a genuine voice for communities — and securing a healthy environment for future generations.

If you missed his talk, here’s our live stream video to watch and share. You can also check out his website and Facebook page for more info!

Under Green Party rules, presidential campaigns need 100 signatures of party members to qualify for recognition. If you support Dario’s run for the Green Party nomination, please indicate so on this official Green Party form. (You may sign for up to 4 candidates.)

Local Chapter News

Come meet other Greens and find out how you can help promote the presence of Green Values in your community and your local government!

Green Party of Southwest Washington

Visit the GPSWWA Facebook page or contact Bob Cone to find out more about chapter meetings.

Green Party of Snohomish County

Snohomish County has changed their monthly meeting to a Zoom meeting, usually held on the 1st Monday of the month. This meeting is followed by a movie night later in the month. Their June movie was Big Pharma: Market Failure shown at the Everett 1st Presbyterian Church — a great place to have a movie, but not very many people. This chapter really needs help getting the word out — please email Kathryn for more info and to see how you can help!

Green Party of the Mid-Columbia

This chapter generally meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Their July meeting will be held at a local member’s home. Check out their Facebook page Green Party of the Mid-Columbia or their discussion group at Green Party Friends of the Mid-Columbia for details on upcoming meetings.

Green Party of South Puget Sound

GPSPS will be holding a local Candidate Forum and Picnic on July 13, 2019 and their regular monthly meeting on July 17th. Please contact Noah Martin for information on activities of this local chapter. You may also check out their Facebook group for updates!

Green Party of Whatcom County

Former Green Party organizer Chanan Suarez is running for local office in Bellingham. Visit his website or Facebook page to learn more about his campaign for Bellingham City Council and how you can get involved!

Green Party of Seattle

The Transit Riders Union has made endorsements in several key Seattle City Council district races. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more about these candidates and how to support their campaigns.

Upcoming Events


On July 19, more than 100 local actors, journalists, politicians, and community leaders will take over Town Hall’s Forum stage for a complete reading of the Mueller Report. Members of the Seattle theater community (Brian Faker; Sarah Harlett; Carl Sander) are partnering with Town Hall for a continuous, marathon reading of the entire 448-page Mueller report. It will take more than 100 readers a total of 24 hours (July 19, 8pm – July 20, 8pm) to present the report as-is, redactions and footnotes included. When asked to comment on the decision to present the un-editorialized report, Harlett noted: “This is not meant to be a dramatization of the report’s findings. We wish to bring the power of the human voice to an essential document that provides invaluable information about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the response of President Trump to that interference and the investigations it set in motion.” The reading is non-partisan, non- dramatized and is not intended as a commentary on Robert Mueller, his team, the report, or its findings.

The reading will take place in Town Hall’s newly renovated Forum space (formerly known as Downstairs). All members of the public are invited to attend. No registration is required, admission is free for all, and guests can come and go as they see fit throughout the 24-hour period. Donations will be accepted at the door, and all profits will be donated to the Seattle chapter of the ACLU. Voter registration will also be available onsite throughout the reading.

More about this event can be found here.

Remember to Be Seen Being Green!



Campaign Committee – Research Coordinator

The GPWA Campaign Committee is looking for a Research Coordinator!

The 2019 and 2020 election seasons are upon us and the Campaign Committee is preparing to make good use of them – despite massive efforts of the corporate parties and the media to get in our way.

Our goal is to have a Research Coordinator develop a system that can be passed onto volunteers at the local level, to become a resource for each chapter in evaluating potential Green opportunities for local candidates.

If you are interested in helping with Campaign Committee research or working with a campaign research group, please contact Jody Grage.

GPWA Volunteer Coordinator

GPWA is looking for a Volunteer Coordinator!

Our biggest asset is our people!  There is much Green Party work to be done here in Washington state!  We have supporters who are able and willing to work, but we need a Volunteer Coordinator to get them connected, directed and organized!

The Volunteer Coordinator will:

  1. Develop with GPWA committees and working groups goals and objectives for their group of volunteers
  2. Educate people in the GPWA database of the needs and opportunities to serve in the Green Party of Washington
  3. Assist the committees and work groups in finding the human resources to help them be successful
  4. Encourage member use of the volunteer form and using information obtained from that to coordinate with volunteer members to connect them with committees and work groups in their areas of interest and skills.

If you are interested in further defining and clarifying the role of a GPWA Volunteer Coordinator or working on a Volunteer Committee, please get in touch with Jody Grage.


There are many committees of GPUS that need volunteers to help achieve their goals. Visit to find out more and see where you might lend your talents!

Green Party of WA State Coordinating Council

Mary Ellen Knoop – Co-facilitator, GP Tahoma (Pierce County)

Kathryn Lewandowsky – Co-facilitator, GP Snohomish County

Scott Thompson – Treasurer, GP Whatcom County

Lisa Canar – Deputy Treasurer, GP Seattle

Jody Grage – Member at Large, GP Seattle

Charles Law – Member at Large, GP Olympic Peninsula

Richard Redick – Member at Large, GP Mid-Columbia

Bob Cone – Local chapter representative, GP SWWA

Noah Martin – Local chapter representative, GP South Puget Sound

Liam Turnmire – Local chapter representative, GP Spokane County

Don’t see a report from your chapter? Give us a holler. Our goal is to have an elected representative from each local on the State Coordinating Council conference calls at 7 PM on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Contact Us


Green Party of Washington State: Grassroots Organizing & Discussion Group


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