A pivotal moment in history

It’s people who step up at pivotal moments that change the direction of history.

The Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker H’20 campaign just gave Washington State Greens a big shout-out for turning in well over the requirement to get our grassroots-powered candidates on the ballot! Thanks to all the voters who pitched in to make this happen, from state and local GP leaders to volunteers to signers to live streamers… this was not easy during a pandemic, so extra kudos, praise, and thanks!

More choices allow better democracy for voters, and we have two amazing candidates for Prez and VP this time around! Check them out: https://howiehawkins.us/.

Let’s each of us who believe in a democratic process, in the health of this planet, in justice and doing the right thing, and in a New Green Deal for America — in every Washington town and county — let’s write letters-to-the-editor, opinions, talk to radio pundits and personalities, get on podcasts, you name it, even write to your representatives and demand a Green agenda!

We can’t let this pandemic or the duopoly hold us back. It’s just too important. Let’s go for 5% of the vote in 2020 in this safe state! 5% won’t help Trump win here, and it WILL award the Green Party of Washington State official recognition. If we achieve 5% of the vote statewide, we won’t have to waste time (or risk contagion) gathering signatures to get our candidates on the ballot next time around. That’s how we’ll start to gain a foothold and build Green representation in local and state offices where we’re needed most.

C.J. Sellers, volunteer coordinator for the H’20 campaign in WA State

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