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The Green Party of Washington supports the sovereign Wet’suwet’en Nation whose leaders are opposing all pipelines through their territories. If completed, these pipelines will deliver tar sands oil down the coast of British Columbia through the Puget Sound and on to Asian ports. With all the vessel traffic already in the Sound, the likelihood of a tanker collision or oil spill such as what happened to the Exxon Valdez is extremely high.

The Unist’ot’en Tribe of the region have informed the pipeline company that they have not given free, prior, and informed consent to do work on their land. Therefore, the Green Party of Washington State is standing with the Green Party of Canada and other allies in opposing ALL pipelines that violate indigenous peoples’ rights and sovereignty and are a danger to our collective ecosystem.

The GPWA Coordinating Council has voted to contribute $500 to the Unist’ot’en Camp for legal defense.

We encourage all Green Party members and supporters to add to the contribution for this important cause!

PLEASE DONATE to the Unist’ot’en Camp:

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Green Party of Washington

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