A Green Challenge

I’ve been a Green Party member for many years. And in some of those years I remembered to pay my annual dues and in other years I was never sure when my dues were actually due. I must admit, my failure to remember is pretty much because of advancing age. My memory needs a tune-up from time to time.

And unfortunately, the Washington State chapter did not have my email address to remind me when the time came to pay up. Now they do!

As many of you are aware the Green Party does not accept corporate donations. We don’t want to be beholden to any corporate sponsor who expects political favors in the future. In essence we, the members, are our own PAC. I guess you could refer to us as the GPAC. And I’m sure you are also aware that running a political party is extraordinarily expensive.

And that leads me up to my Green Party challenge. I recently paid my 2022 dues of twenty-five dollars for this current year. And, as I said above, I have no idea how many years of dues I actually missed. With that in mind I recently donated one hundred and fifty dollars to the Washington State chapter of the Green Party. My challenge to the rest of the members in this state who may have also missed a few payments is to donate one hundred dollars between now and the end of October.

I realize that times are tough right now and that money is tight for almost all of us. And this is true for me as well. But though I am on disability I feel that the cause and our core values must be expanded to a wider audience. If we don’t get our message out and support the cause then we aren’t fulfilling the needs of the people who stand to gain from our efforts.

Please show your green heart and help fund our state chapter. Gaia needs us as well now more than ever. Her environmental needs are being dismissed and belittled. We can’t wait any longer to take action!

Thank you!
Bill Walker

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  1. I find it interesting that we are able to maintain a political party using annual dues alone. Perhaps we can find other funding solutions. Such as; special events, online outsourcing, raffles, and or gift shop inventory with the opportunity to donate as well as receive brief educationals on our local Green Issues.

  2. Isaiah, I agree totally! I would love to see some items that the GP would/could sell for profit/donation. A GP flag of Washington State maybe? Flower seeds for the benefit of Butterflies in the spring?
    If you have other ideas please feel free to comment.

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