Universal Healthcare for Washington State!

The Green Party of Washington has endorsed Initiative 1600, a ballot measure written and submitted by Whole Washington. Whole Washington is a grassroots group of citizens and healthcare professionals determined to bring single-payer universal healthcare to Washington State.

I-1600 has been certified by the WA Secretary of State, and the signature drive has begun with a goal of over 300,000 signatures by July 1, 2018!

This is our chance.

Universal Health Care is an essential human right. This initiative guarantees healthcare as a fundamental right to all citizens of Washington State. With your help, I-1600 will be presented to the voters of Washington State in the November 2018 General Election. In order to make this happen, I-1600 URGENTLY needs financial support and signature gathering volunteers at upcoming events. If you want to collect signatures, but cannot attend an event, sign up here to receive petitions by mail.

Every signature gathered by a volunteer will save the campaign ~$3!

Initiative campaigns are terribly expensive, but so too are out-of-control health care costs. Together, we the citizens of Washington State have the power to take control of our healthcare and save billions of dollars in the process.

To make this a reality, funds are immediately needed and will be applied to the hard costs of doing everything possible to deliver sufficient numbers of valid signatures to put I-1600 Universal Health Care on the ballot in Washington State for the November 2018 general election. Contributions can be made here. All donations go directly to the I-1600 initiative campaign.

Please sign up to collect signatures today!

For questions see I-1600 FAQs or contact Whole Washington at: outreach@wholewashington.org.

Elect Green candidates in Olympia!

The Green Party of Washington (GPWA) is a political party, and its ultimate aim is to elect Green candidates to office where they can really make a difference. This year, we have the opportunity to get excellent Green candidates into office in Olympia: Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council Position 6, and E.J. Zita for Olympia Port Commission.

GPWA has endorsed both these candidates – they are thoughtful, experienced, have well-functioning campaign organizations, and their opponents are vulnerable. Both Greens are facing establishment candidates with large treasuries full of corporate donations – and both campaigns are funded the Green way – without corporate contributions! To win, it is not enough to be smarter, more experienced, have more volunteers and more endorsements. Green candidates need funds for lots of advertising, offices expenses, and to pay their hard-working staff. This is where you come in.

This is our best chance yet to get Greens into elected office in Washington. But they cannot do it without more money. We need to support them – right away, so they have crucial funds available in the last few weeks of the election. Please, now, take a minute donate to help Renata and Zita wage winning campaigns.

Think of what it will mean to have Greens stopping shipments of fracking mud and weapons through the port of Olympia, and to have a model Green plan implemented to end homelessness, guide development, and preserve parklands. It’s worth every penny we can spare.

And please, after you donate, send us an email telling us how much you donated, so that the Green Party gets credit for supporting its own.

In solidarity,
Campaign Committee
Green Party of Washington State

E.J. Zita for Olympia Port Commission

Elected Olympia Port Commissioner in 2015, E.J. Zita works for economic sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. “We can do better, working together.”

Zita is a scientist, farmer, and teacher. She’s lived in rural Thurston County since 1995 years with her partner, an Army veteran of 23 years.

As chair of the Thurston County Agriculture Committee, Zita works to preserve farmland and promote agriculture. As President of the Salmon Creek Basin Neighborhood Association, she held the Port to higher standards in residential areas and near schools.

Appointed to the Port’s New Market Economic Development Advisory Committee, Zita represented concerned neighbors. Zita knows transparency and accountability can improve Port operations. Our taxes must be used for public good, not short term profits for a few. The Port must truly listen to the people, and plan with local agencies. Zita will lead the Port toward positive new opportunities, such as a Thurston Farm to Market Center and renewable energy. With her skills and vision, she will insist on wise economic investment that serves the whole community and enhances our local environment.

With a PhD in physics, Zita worked in industry and national laboratories, and currently teaches at Evergreen. On her ranch in south Thurston County, she raises beef and poultry with her family.

Zita keeps working to strengthen our neighborhoods, farms, environment, and economy.

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Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council Position 6

Most of us share decent values. Many of us have better-than-decent ideas.

But only one candidate in this race brings combined vision, values, ideas, and working relationships with constituents from literally all walks of life. This is what it takes to do the people’s work in Olympia.

For years, Renata has served as a bridge between the marginalized and unheard, local businesses, and City Hall.

As a candidate she is unparalleled in her knowledge of solutions to the most pressing issue we face—the housing and homelessness emergency—and the need for more safe and affordable housing, local mental health services and holistic evidence-based substance abuse treatment.

As a housing and homelessness advocate, community organizer, system navigator, journalist, and one of the first Downtown Ambassadors in Olympia, Renata naturally channels the best ideas, to create a city built by and for us all.

In our national political climate of rising unrest and inequity, and our local reality of rising sea level and cost of living, Renata is the candidate with the experience, credibility and accountability to diverse communities, which will allow Olympia to grow together instead of growing apart.

Olympia is Washington’s fastest-growing city. What kind of city we become depends on who has a place at the table: we can choose to grow together, or risk growing apart. In this tense political climate and rising inequity, we need leaders with connections, credibility and accountability to diverse communities. Leaders willing to meet people where they are, with the humility to learn how to solve problems from the people facing them.

As an advocate, activist, journalist and Downtown Ambassador, I have dedicated my time in Olympia to hearing and learning from people with diverse experiences and needs, honoring them as valid and real, even if they differed from my own. I work to reconcile underrepresented communities in Olympia with the businesses and civic institutions that should serve us all.

As a council member I will facilitate conscious growth that balances the needs of all Olympians with the land we live on and the water we depend on. I want to continue to be a bridge between city hall and folks who haven’t been called in.

We all need stability and opportunity in order to be our best selves, to fully contribute to community life. As journalist and city planning activist Jane Jacobs said, “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

I’m ready to take the next step in my life mission of service to what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. called, “the Beloved Community.”

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Seattle People’s Budget movement: Build 1,000 Affordable Homes!


From the Seattle People’s Budget Town Hall to the public hearings on the budget, one thing is clear: when ordinary people in Seattle have the opportunity to weigh in on the budget, they point to the urgent need for affordable housing and human services.

We support the Coalition to Build 1,000 Homes:

The Green Party of Washington State supports Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s budget amendment which would reallocate the $160 million once tied to a new North Seattle Police Precinct to affordable housing for Seattle’s working families.

Read the FAQ, and then support this effort by signing the Petition to Build 1,000 Homes.

Let’s hold all Seattle City Councilmembers accountable, and tell them they should vote yes on the Build 1,000 Homes budget amendment!

Endorsed Ballot Measures


The Green Party of Washington has endorsed 5 statewide measures that will appear on the November ballot.

We endorse a YES vote on the following:

Initiative 735 – This measure would urge the Washington state congressional delegation to propose a federal constitutional amendment stating that constitutional rights belong only to individuals, not corporations, and constitutionally-protected free speech excludes the spending of money.

Initiative 1433 – This measure would increase the state minimum wage to $11.00 in 2017, $11.50 in 2018, $12.00 in 2019, and $13.50 in 2020, require employers to provide paid sick leave, and adopt related laws.

Initiative 1464 – This measure would create a campaign-finance system; allow residents to direct state funds to candidates; repeal the non-resident sales-tax exemption; restrict lobbying employment by certain former public employees; and add enforcement requirements.

Initiative 1491 – This measure would allow police, family, or household members to obtain court orders temporarily preventing firearms access by persons exhibiting mental illness, violent or other behavior indicating they may harm themselves or others.

Initiative 1501 – This measure would increase the penalties for criminal identity theft and civil consumer fraud targeted at seniors or vulnerable individuals; and exempt certain information of vulnerable individuals and in-home caregivers from public disclosure.

Eric Miller for State Treasurer ~ preferred write-in candidate


The Green Party of Washington State awards preferred candidate status to Eric Miller as a write-in candidate for Washington State Treasurer. Eric is challenging Republican contenders Duane Davidson and Michael Waite for this office.

Please visit his website http://writeinericmiller.com/ and Facebook page ‘Eric Miller for Washington State Treasurer’ at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MillerForOffice/ to learn more about Eric and to support his write-in campaign for State Treasurer!

Note that preferred candidate status is not a Green Party endorsement and may be granted to candidates from other political parties.

Also note that Eric Miller is endorsed as a write-in candidate by the Washington State Berniecrats. See www.WashingtonBerniecrats.org for more information.

Tyler Vega for Congress ~ Green Party write-in candidate in District 2


The Green Party of Washington State proudly endorses Green Party candidate Tyler Myles Vega as a write-in candidate for US House of Representatives in Congressional District 2. Tyler is challenging Democratic incumbent Rick Larsen and Republican contender Mark Hennemann for this Congressional seat.

Please visit his website at https://putvegainthehouse.nationbuilder.com/ and Facebook page ‘Tyler Vega for Congress’ at https://www.facebook.com/vegainthehouse/ to learn more about Tyler and to support his write-in campaign for US Congress!

Tyler Myles Vega is also endorsed as a write-in candidate by the Washington State Berniecrats. See www.WashingtonBerniecrats.org for more information.