Alliances and Endorsments


CarbonWA is a non-partisan grassroots group running a 2016 revenue neutral carbon tax ballot measure in Washington State.

A carbon tax is a tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels that accounts for the negative impacts of these fuels on national security and the environment.

Coal, as the most CO2-intensive fossil fuel, would be taxed highest, then oil, and then natural gas. Alternative energy sources would be comparatively lower in price, motivating consumers to move to them by choice.

The result is a leveling of the playing field for cleaner sources of energy.

For more information about CarbonWA visit their website.


WAmend Action Plan 2015 – 2016

Ask the voters of Washington State to approve a public initiative directing the Washington State Legislature to urge Congress to submit a US Constitutional amendment to the States for ratification.

The amendment would clarify that:

  • The rights of people protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of human beings only.
  • All citizens should have equal voice in the political process, and no person or artificial legal entity should gain unequal influence over government as a result of financial resources. To meet this goal, federal, state, and local governments shall be fully empowered to regulate all political contributions and expenditures.
  • All political contributions and expenditures shall be publicly disclosed in a full and timely manner.

For more information about WAmend, visit their website.

Open Debates 2016

Open Debates 2016 is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to increasing the level of debate in politics. It rejects the false Democrat/Republican choice paradigm in favor of creating a more open and inclusive political dialogue. In order to do this, they are challenging the established Commission on Presidential Debates to create more debates with greater inclusiveness outside the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Green Party of Washington State supports this effort to create a more representative political system with greater and more inclusive discussion. For more information, visit the Open Debates 2016 website.

New Progressive Alliance

The Green Party of Washington has joined hands with the New Progressive Alliance. It is not a political party. What they are is best expressed from the NPA website’s first paragraph:

The New Progressive Alliance is a 100-percent volunteer organization of working men and women dedicated to rekindling the brand of Progressivism which, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, made America the world leader in workers’ rights, stewardship of the planet, and caring help to the downtrodden. We oppose the say-one-thing, do-something-different neo-liberalism (and conservatism) which have made overt and covert military interventions, espionage and torture America’s new legacy, and have shifted our stature from one of the most respected nations on earth to one of the most reviled.

NPA engages in many actions described on their website. One of the things they do is to invite candidates to read their platform (which contains some Green Party language as well as from other progressive parties) and if they agree, then NPA endorses them. For the election in 2014 they endorsed Cindy Sheehan of the Peace and Freedom Party running for Governor of California, Paul Glover running for Governor of Pennsylvania and Lena Guggs for a House seat in Minnesota, both of whom ran as Green Party candidates

NPA also endorsed Kshama Sawant, our nationally famous Seattle Council member who ran as a Socialist.

I urge you to visit the New Progressive Alliance website.

-Bill Nerin, GPWA liaison to NPA