Current Green Party of Washington Issues

Abolish corporate personhood with I-735 in partnership with WAmend.
See WAmend – Washington Coalition to Amend the Constitution at

Establish state-wide, well-funded, free public education through college.

Support state-wide, single-payer universal healthcare; ensure women’s reproductive rights and healthcare.
See Health Care for All – Washington at
Working for high quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly-funded health care for ALL Washington residents .

Stand up for immigrant rights by opposing discriminatory legislation.

Promote renewable energy and conservation programs to limit climate change

Clean up contaminated sites including Hanford and the Duwamish River.

Oppose increasing coal and oil trains to Anacortes refinery.

Improve state infrastructure; utilize the Growth Management Act to create affordable green communities.

Oppose privatization of utilities, schools, prisons, and public communication networks/broadband.

Establish publicly-owned banks for government funds with the Seattle Public Bank Coalition.
See Seattle Public Bank Coalition at

Protect worker’s rights; support cooperatives, fair trade practices and unionization.

Raise state minimum wage.

Reform our state’s regressive tax structure.

Assure community self-government, including participatory budgeting and community rights ordinances.

Promote community policing and improved training, Citizens Review Boards, and non-criminal solutions for addicts, mentally ill and youth offenders; oppose police militarization.

Reduce state military contracts.

Oppose electronic warfare training in Olympic National Park.
See Earthcare Not Warfare at

Replace winner-takes-all elections with preferential voting and proportional representation.

Protect access to affordable medical marijuana.