GPWA Organizer – Seeking applicants!

Green Party of Washington (GPWA) Organizer – Contract Position

In order to grow we must engage volunteers, increase membership, and run candidates. Engaging volunteers, increasing membership, and supporting candidates and campaigns will ultimately build strong Green Party chapters. Engaging an organizer will be a good investment and be more efficient and effective than relying entirely on volunteers.

The Organizer will serve as a contractor, not an employee. The contract will last for seven months, with an option to renew, based on work completed. The contract will begin on January 1, 2024, or upon acceptance of the contract position. 

The Organizer position will be a contract for 40 hours per month at $450 per month, for seven months. Any changes in hours or pay per month must be approved by the GPWA Coordinating Council (CC).

The contractor will provide monthly status reports and time sheets documenting the day, amount of time, and activity performed to the CC on their work.

Volunteer Engagement (40%)

  1. Call all new volunteers and members to engage people into action and to encourage volunteers to join as members. Encourage new members to join Loomio.
  2. Develop tabling kits and literature, etc. for volunteers to do outreach.
  3. Organize periodic state-wide and/or regional Zoom calls on topics of interest to volunteers, including campaign support.
  4. Coordinate Eblasts, texts, and phone calls on behalf of the State Party.

Membership & Income (30%)

  1. Call GPWA supporters and create automations in NB to increase membership and income from membership, including converting non-members to members and increasing the level of dues paid by individual members. 
  2. Provide follow-up for calls made by Contract Fundraiser. 

Candidate Recruitment and Campaign Support (30%)  

  1. Serve as a liaison for Green Party candidates by engaging Green Party members and volunteers to become involved. 
  2. Recruit new candidates and develop a Green Party recruitment webpage.
  3. Social media outreach to support candidates and engage volunteers.


To apply:

Send your letter of interest, qualifications, and references to

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