“Everything working people have ever won, we’ve won together.”

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From Jason —


I couldn’t have said it any better than this:

An animated gif of a video clip of UAW President Shawn Fain addressing his union members and the public at the start of their historic Stand Up Strike, in which he says: “Everything working people have ever won, we’ve won together.”

When analysts told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the UAW’s demands were going to “wreck the economy,” UAW president Shawn Fain fired back:

“In the last decade, they made a quarter of a trillion dollars in profits. It’s not that we’re going to wreck the economy. We’re going to wreck their economy, the one that works for the billionaire class. It doesn’t work for the working class.”

The best part is the innovative nature of this strike. UAW just rolled out a whole new method of organizing that’s designed to thwart strikebreakers and block union-busting.

Rather than a mass walk-off from the job, UAW is mobilizing different locals at random, so the bosses never know when or where the strike is coming.

And judging by the public’s response to the UAW strike (which has INCREASED in the last week), we’re headed straight from a Hot Labor Summer to a Burn It All Fall?✊

Workers all across the country are demanding their fair share, because this upside down world where CEOs take home 400x the wages of workers on the line cannot continue. It is GOING to collapse, or we’re going to have to tear it down and build something sustainable.

As a lifelong activist and organizer, and a former elected union rep, I stand in solidarity with the UAW, as well as the ongoing WGA, SAG-AFTRA strike – and the impending nurses’ strike right here in my district at Providence Everett. I will stay by their side until they receive a fair contract, as every worker SHOULD.

But my opponent in this race, a former lobbyist who’s held this seat for 22 years, has repeatedly betrayed striking workers in favor of his wealthy corporate donors.

WA-02 deserves a representative who will always have labor’s back. Can you donate $25, $50, or $100 today to help me win this seat in 2024?

As a public school teacher, I proudly served as an elected union leader at the local and state level for years. In my first year in the Representative Assembly of the Washington Education Association, I wrote, submitted, and passed a resolution rejecting the idea that corporations are people.

While I’m no longer a teacher or a member of the WEA, I’ve never stopped showing up for workers.

While Rick Larsen was dodging questions about a certain coffee shop chain, I joined a group of labor organizers touring Starbucks locations in WA-02 to let workers know – if they decided to unionize – their community had their back. Weeks later, they did.

A photo of Jason Call and several labor organizers holding pro-union signs from Starbucks Worker Solidarity outside of a Starbucks store in Washington’s 2nd congressional district.
Solidarity is a verb, and I’ve got years of receipts.When I win, I’ve pledged to donate 30% of my post-tax congressional salary to strike funds, and every labor organizer I’ve worked with in Washington State knows they can take that promise to the bank.

You can’t stand with labor when you’re on the payroll of the bosses. That’s why I’ve never taken a dime from corporate PACs or lobbyists – and I never will.

I’ve run for this seat before, and we came very close to getting into the general election both times.

With Washington’s Top Two, non-partisan primary, this VERY progressive district is the Green Party’s BEST chance to get a member elected to Congress in 2024.

But only if we build the kind of solidarity we’re seeing behind all the strikes happening across this country right now.

Like Shawn said, “Everything working people have ever won, we’ve won together.”

Solidarity is the only way. And I hope you’ll join me in the fight.

Jason Call


Jason Call is a former public school teacher and lifelong climate activist running for Congress in WA-02. If elected, he will be the first member of the Green Party to serve in federal office. Learn more at callforcongress.com and donate today to help us make history! 

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