Green Party Ballot Access – 2020

Help us gather signatures to get our candidates for President and Vice President — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — on the General Election Ballot!

The Green Party of Washington State is holding an online ‘Nominating Convention’ to select electors and to nominate our candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. We are meeting daily from 7-8 PM, beginning on Thursday June 25, 2020 and continuing through Saturday July 25, 2020.

During our online meeting sessions we will select our Washington State electors and gather the required 1,000+ signatures from Washington voters to place our Green Party candidates for President and Vice President — Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker — on the November General Election ballot.

We need your help to gather signatures from registered voters in Washington State!

–> Download and print the Green Party Nominating Petition here

Print out this Nominating Petition on standard white paper, single sided. All signatures must be gathered and submitted on the original paper petition forms. We are not allowed to submit photocopies, scanned copies, faxed copies, or electronic copies of the petition forms. Signatures must be provided with pen on paper. Digital or digitized signatures will not be accepted.

Full names, signatures, and mailing addresses must match the Secretary of State voter registration records. Only valid signatures from people registered to vote in Washington State will be counted.

All signatures must be collected by July 25, 2020!

Send your printed and completed petition forms to –> 

Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle, WA 98127

Please mail your completed petition forms to us postmarked by Monday July 27th, at the latest. 

You may also coordinate with your local Green Party chapter to assist with return of completed petition forms. Please email us at with any questions about signing the petition or to request that a Green Party volunteer pick up your completed petition form if you are unable to mail it to us.

Green Party supporters who wish to participate and to gather petition signatures are welcome to attend any or all sessions of our online ‘Nominating Convention’ — June 25 – July 25, 2020.

To attend our Nominating Convention, contact your local Green Party chapter or send an email to with the Subject line: ‘Nominating Convention‘, and we will respond with the online meeting link for you to attend.



Do you think democracy would be better served if there were more choices on the ballot? [Yes, of course!]

–> If so, then please sign our petition.

When do we know who the Green Party Presidential nominees are?

–> The Green Party nominees for President and Vice President are Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker were selected as the Green Party nominees at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention on July 11, 2020.

Why is the Washington State ‘Nominating Convention’ so long?

–> ‘Convention’ in this case refers to a longer time span and larger area (‘Seattle – online convention’) than the usual definition to comply with the need to maintain social distancing.  During the convention dates, the Green Party of Washington will host a daily online meeting at 7 pm.

How can someone attend the Green Party ‘Nominating Convention’?

–> Signers of the petition must attest that, “I personally attended a nominating convention” and write in the date. The Green Party is required to hold a “nominating convention” by law. This “nominating convention” is ongoing, and is essentially the activity of gathering petition signatures for ballot access. Thus, when one signs the petition, they are “attending” the convention. In other words, supporters may sign the petition with the intent that they are participating (“attending”) just by signing. All supporters are also welcome (but not required) to join us during any session of our online nominating convention (June 25 – July 25, at 7 pm). To attend an online session, please ask your local Green Party chapter or send us an email (see above).

What does it mean to “support” the nominees?

–> The petition states, “I support with my signature the nominees listed above”. This can be interpreted to mean, “I support listing the Green Party nominees on the ballot”. There is no need for anyone to promise a vote for the candidates when signing the petition.

Can a person register to vote the same date they sign the petition?

–> YES. You may register to vote online at or print a voter registration form here: If you complete the voter registration form on paper, send it by postal mail to your county elections office (address provided on the form).

Can I sign the Green Party nominating petition if I voted in the Presidential Primary?

–> YES. To clarify, the reference to signing a ‘nominating petition’ pertains only to other nominating PETITIONS, and not to participation in the Washington State Presidential Primary. If you voted in the presidential primary election, you can still sign this petition.

Where can I find more information on the ‘Nominating Convention’ requirements for Washington State?

–> The legal requirements for ‘Minor Party and Independent Presidential Candidates’ are posted at

Direct links to information from the Secretary of State:

Minor Party & Independent Presidential Candidates 

How can I apply to become an Elector?

–> Please download the pledge form, print it out, write in “Green” Party, print your name, sign your name, and mail it to our PO Box address above. If you are selected as one of our designated Green Party electors, your name, mailing address, and signed pledge form will be submitted to the WA Secretary of State. The list of Green Party electors, including names and mailing addresses, is maintained by the Secretary of State as a public record.

How can I get more information?

–> Please email us at with your questions.

Volunteers – click here for a sample script to call Green Party supporters.

Download the Green Party brochure here.

Check out the Hawkins-Walker Campaign Platform here!


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