Housing For All Action Meeting

Housing For All Action Meeting

Feb 17, 1:00pm - Feb 17, 4:00pm

Frye Apartments
223 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA  98104 Map

1:00 - 4:00 PM
Frye Apartments
223 Yesler Way

Take Action for Affordable Housing! Come discuss the campaign's progress and get involved. We'll be in the community room at the Frye in Pioneer Square, near King County Courthouse.

We'll be preparing and mobilizing for our big "Closing the Housing Gap" event next Tuesday, Feb. 20th. Come help out!


We are at a crossroads in Seattle’s history. As population and housing costs surge, the inseparable crises of homelessness, housing insecurity, and displacement deepen.

We can't solve these crises without far more affordable housing. In order to meet the need, Seattle must build approximately 20,000 more homes affordable to low-income families and individuals in the next ten years .

The most marginalized communities are disproportionately impacted by the homelessness crisis. For example, 29% of individuals experiencing homelessness in Seattle/King County last year identified as Black or African American, compared with 6% of the general population. 55% identify as people of color.

Due to pressure from the Housing For All Coalition, the City Council has formed a Progressive Revenue Task Force to recommend funding sources, such as a tax on big businesses, to create new housing, shelter and services without further taxing working and poor people.

We can win this by the end of March – but only with your help.

The Housing For All Coalition formed in fall 2017 to urge the City to:

Step up the creation of deeply affordable housing.
Expand and improve shelters and services.
Don't criminalize people trying to survive outside.

You can read about our Fall 2017 accomplishments here: www.housingforallseattle.org/city-budget-2018/

Over 60 Seattle-based organizations have endorsed the platform of the Housing For All Coalition, which you can find at www.housingforallseattle.org/platform/
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Seattles Housing Gap: Unmet Needs & Challenges

Seattle's Housing Gap: Unmet Needs & Challenges

Feb 20, 6:00pm - Feb 20, 7:30pm

Seattle City Hall
600 4th Ave Ste 3300
Seattle, WA  98104 Map

Seattle’s Housing Gap: Unmet Needs and Challenges for People Experiencing Homelessness
Tuesday, February 20th
6:00 - 7:30 PM
Seattle City Hall, Council Chambers

The “affordable housing” that is often most difficult to provide and in short supply is housing for those making 0-30% Area Median Income. With consistent cuts to social programs from the federal and state governments, it has more and more come to local governments to assist people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. With intersections of poverty, racism, sexism, addiction, untreated chronic health conditions, and more, these populations – these neighbors – are often left without access to permanent affordable housing or the additional support they may need to achieve stability.

Join the Housing, Health, Energy, and Workers’ Rights Committee for a special meeting, where we will explore the data regarding loss of housing for very-low-income households as part of the broader affordability crisis, and what challenges providers and non-profit developers face who are working to meet this need, as well as some ideas on immediate steps that could be taken to overcome these challenges. Our panel includes:

Katie Wilson, Transit Riders Union and Housing For All Coalition
Nicole Macri, Downtown Emergency Services Center
Miguel Maestas, El Centro de la Raza
Johnny Schilling, REACH Program
Gerald Donaldson, Leschi Elementary School

Hosted by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda and Housing For All
Co-hosted by Councilmember Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilmember Mike O'Brien, and Councilmember Kshama Sawant
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Support Parking Reform: Cheaper Rent, Cleaner Air, Better Buildings

Support Parking Reform: Cheaper Rent, Cleaner Air, Better Buildings

Feb 21, 9:30am - Feb 21, 11:30am

Seattle City Council
600 4th Ave, Fl 2
Seattle, WA  98104 Map

Imagine an ordinance that could help lower the cost of rent, relieve congestion, reduce our transportation emissions and air pollution, and improve bicycle parking. Changing city rules for off-street parking in new buildings will do all these things!

That's why it's important to speak up on Wednesday, February 21 at a Seattle Public Hearing.

Proposed legislation before the Seattle Cit Council's Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Committee, with a few additional amendments, will:

-Reduce how much parking a developer must construct in those parts of the city served by frequent transit.
-Allow for off-site rental of underused private parking, which will also reduce the amount of new parking construction
-Improve bike storage and bike parking options.
-Require landlords to unbundle the cost of parking from rent, so those who don't want to pay for a parking space won't have to.
-Sets stronger, uniform standards bicycle parking.

The hearing begins at 9:30am. We'll gather at the coffee shop inside City Hall at 8:30am to help anyone interested in giving comment to craft their remarks and better understand the ordinance.
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Whole WA - Action Meeting

Whole WA - Action Meeting

Feb 21, 6:30pm - Feb 21, 8:00pm

1115 S 56th St, Tacoma, WA 98408-3405, United States

6:30-7:15pm: Join us to hear from Whole WA about why Washington needs single-payer healthcare and how we're going to get it. Sign the petition, learn how to collect signatures, and leave with petitions so you can start collecting signatures ASAP!

7:15-8pm: Action on a national issue.

Accessibility: The meeting room at TUUC is accessed through the front door by two short flights of stairs (one to reach the front door, and one between the front door and the meeting room). There is wheelchair ramp access through a side door at the southeast corner of the building. One gender-neutral, disabled-access restroom with grab bars is located on the same level as the meeting room. Service animals are welcome.
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Millennials and the Moments that Made Us - Shaun Scott

Millennials and the Moments that Made Us - Shaun Scott

Feb 24, 7:30pm - Feb 24, 8:40pm

Rainier Arts Center
3515 S Alaska St
Seattle, WA  98118 Map

Shaun Scott with Minh Nguyen
Millennials and the Moments that Made Us

A generation on the move, a country on the brink, and a young author’s search to find out how we got here. Shaun Scott presents a cultural history of the United States in his book Millennials and the Moments That Made Us: A Cultural History of the U.S. from 1982-Present, lending us insight into the factors that have shaped the development of the Millennial image and outlook. He is joined onstage by freelance writer and curator of exhibitions Minh Nguyen to share a relatable pop culture history that critiques the late-capitalist status quo the Millennial generation inherited. Scott takes us on a tour of the music, films, books, TV shows, technology, and numerous other factors that have defined this emerging wave of leaders and workers. Join Scott and Nguyen for a timely modern portrait of our nation as seen through the eyes of the largest, most diverse, and most disprivileged generation in American history.
Shaun Scott is a Seattle-based writer and filmmaker. His work has appeared in Jacobin Magazine, Quartz, and Sports Illustrated. He is a columnist for City Arts Magazine, where writes the semi-weekly thread “Faded Signs,” a reflection on the popular culture of late capitalism.

Minh Nguyen is a freelance writer, curator of exhibitions and programs, and former Town Hall Artist-in-Residence. She has collaborated with Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Arts and Lectures, and The Alice Gallery, and her writing has appeared in periodicals such as Seattle Weekly, AQNB, and Art in America.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle as part of the Arts & Culture series.
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Grandmothers in the Resistance

Grandmothers in the Resistance

Feb 28, 6:30pm - Feb 28, 8:30pm

University Friends Meeting & Friends Center
4001 9th Ave NE
Seattle, WA  98105 Map

This will be a panel discussion touching on the issues of Civil Disobedience, Climate, Treaty Rights, and the LNG project currently being illegally built by PSE at the Port of Tacoma.
The panelists include:
-Ramona Bennett, a legendary indigenous activist and former chairwoman of the Puyallup Tribe, who participated in the fishing rights wars in the 70s as well as several successful occupations to reclaim Puyallup tribal lands.
- Marilyn Kimmerling and Cynthia Linet, who were part of the Tacoma Direct Action Super 6 who locked down to construction equipment at the LNG site last May in Tacoma and underwent a very successful trial with an unexpected not guilty verdict based on Treaty rights this past December.
- And Annette Klapstein, a former tribal attorney and long time Raging Granny, who participated in the Valve Turner action on October 2016 when she and another 4 climate activists simultaneously shut down all 5 pipelines carrying tar sands into the United States. She is still awaiting trial in Minnesota and might be able to present the Necessity Defense.

A suggested donation will be encouraged, but event is open to everyone.
Venue is accessible for the disabled.
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Workers Demand Healthcare!

Workers Demand Healthcare!

Mar 1, 6:30pm - Mar 1, 9:30pm

Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies
5700 E 18th St
Vancouver, WA  98661 Map

Will update full details as we finalize

6:30 doors open
6:50 Welcome
7:00 "Fix It" Movie
8:00 Dr. Gerald Freedman
8:45 How to get involved
9:00 Sign out signature gathering forms to organizations and individuals.


ILWU Local 4 and Whole Washington team up to get Universal Healthcare for Washington State.

Renowned Economist Gerald Freedman will be our key note speaker.

Showing of the movie Fix It.
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International Womens Day Rally Seattle

International Women's Day Rally Seattle

Mar 8, 5:00pm - Mar 8, 8:00pm

Westlake Park
401 Pine St
Seattle, WA  98101 Map

Around the world far-right figures like Trump are rising, threatening the rights of women, immigrants, and everyone who doesn’t fit into their conservative worldview. Powerful corporate interests are backing their right-wing policies. At the same time a new women’s movement is rising. #MeToo has united millions to expose powerful predators like Trump, Weinstein, and so many more. In Seattle we will rally in solidarity with the March 8th “International Women’s Strike,” and the “Day Without A Woman” called for by the national Women’s March.

End Harassment & Violence Against Women!
Seattle needs an independent elected office with the power to defend those who report workplace harassment, and to hold employers accountable. Support the Silence Breakers!

Equal Pay for Equal Work!
Seattle has one of the worst gender pay-gaps in the country. We need immediate action to correct this alongside our city’s deep racial and class inequalities.

Housing & Healthcare for All!
The City Council must reverse funding cuts to women's shelters. Quality healthcare and housing should be a guaranteed right. We need rent control and Medicare for All.

Impeach Trump!
Build a movement to stop the attacks on women, people of color, immigrants, workers, the environment, and to impeach the “Predator in Chief.”
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Comp. Plan Update: Towards A Welcoming Communities Framework

Comp. Plan Update: Towards A Welcoming Communities Framework

Mar 11, 2:00pm - Mar 11, 3:00pm

Optimism Brewing Company
1158 Broadway
Seattle, WA  98122 Map

The Seattle Comprehensive Plan is a key part of our response to the housing crisis. The "Urban Village Strategy" is the framework within the comp. plan that confines new housing to select areas of the city. Housing Now Seattle is leading an effort to update the Comprehensive Plan with a new framework titled the Welcoming Communities framework. Please join us to discuss what this may entail and how we can make it happen.... See Less

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House Party for Washingtons Single Payer Healthcare Initiative

House Party for Washington's Single Payer Healthcare Initiative

Mar 17, 6:00pm - Mar 17, 9:00pm

Private Residence, 418 Percival St Nw, Olympia, Wa 98502-4856, United States

A house party potluck with petitions! Come celebrate Carolyn Roos' birthday and pick up your petitions to get #UniversalHealthcare on the ballot in Washington state!!

Speakers: Tamborine Borrelli, Renata Rollins, and Ann Heitkemper. A Whole Washington rep will be there to answer your questions about the initiative and give you the info you need to to gather signatures amongst your friends.

Potluck: Please bring a main dish, side dish or beverage to share. For a list of what people have told me they will be bringing see
If you know in advance what you will be bringing or you want to email me for ideas, please contact Carolyn through LocalMotive at localmotive.org/email.html

See you then!
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GPWA Spring Gathering

GPWA Spring Gathering

Apr 14, 12:00pm - Apr 14, 5:00pm

Joeseppi's Italian Ristorante and Catering
2207 N Pearl St
Tacoma, WA  98406 Map

Save the date! Saturday, April 14th in Tacoma!

Green Party of Washington Spring Gathering ~ statewide meeting of WA Green Party local chapters ~ all are welcome to attend!
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Break Free Trial Support! LAST ONE

Break Free Trial Support! LAST ONE

May 1, 8:00am - May 2, 6:00pm

600 S 3rd St, Mount Vernon, Washington 98273

Motions in the morning will be at Skagit County District Court: 600 S 3rd St, Mt Vernon, WA 98273 but the trial will be in Superior Court across the street (at 205 W Kincaid St # 202, Mt Vernon, WA 98273)

You must pass through a metal detector to enter the courtroom, so don't bring any pocket knives or even metal forks.
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19th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights

19th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights

May 1, 1:00pm - May 1, 6:00pm

Seattle, WA
2150 S. Norman St.
Seattle, WA  98144 Map

Annual May Day March in Seattle. Details to follow in the coming months.

Marcha Anual del Primero de Mayo en Seattle. Datos se publicaran en los proximos meses.
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May 6th, National Nurses Day

May 6th, National Nurses Day

May 6, 10:00am

Tacoma and Everett Washington are organizing in collaboration with Whole Washington and other grassroots organizations to begin fomenting partner marches organized at the local level to build a movement coast to coast. We hope each community will build a community/chapter of Red Berets to connect, inspire and unite the M4A movement!... See Less

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